• Miriam fails to ‘break’ Janet

    Sen. Santiago PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

    Sen. Santiago PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

    Not even Sen. Miriam Santiago’s fire and brimstone approach could force Janet Lim-Napoles into admitting involvement in the pork barrel scheme or implicating the lawmakers who were conniving with her.

    Santiago came out full bore when her turn to question Napoles came during Thursday’s Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing.

    She raised her voice not only to admonish Napoles but to fire a broadside at her colleagues whom she said was “jealous” of her.

    At one point, the senator asked Napoles point-blank, “Are you willing to be jailed for 20 to 40 years just to protect those who are involved?”

    Santiago also took potshots at Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, who has been charged with plunder together with Napoles.

    She asked Napoles to stop protecting those who are considered the “most guilty” in the controversy before they can assassinate her.

    “Kung si Enrile ang the most guilty sabihin mo na ngayon para malibre ka na at hindi ka niya ipapapatay [If Enrile is the most guilty then admit it now so you could be free and not end up dead],” Santiago said.

    She belittled Napoles’ intellect, saying that given her educational background, she could not have pulled off a scam as elaborate as the one involving Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allocations.

    Santiago said she is certain a senator or a group of senators was calling the shots, not Napoles.

    She asked Napoles if Enrile, and Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. were the senators referred to as “tanda,” “sexy” and “pogi” in documents linked to the businesswoman.

    Instead of giving a reply Napoles invoked her right against self-incrimination.

    Enrile, Estrada and Revilla are included in the plunder case filed by the Department of Justice before the Office of the Ombudsman.

    Santiago also reminded her Napoles that while she is entitled to deny accusations against her, she should not lie under oath.

    Santiago slammed fellow senators who had been insisting that Napoles be granted immunity and saying that her appearance in the hearing transformed it into a circus.

    According to Santiago senators who doesn’t have any degree in law and did not even finished college should not pretend that they know the law.

    Santiago did not name the senator the lawmaker, but Sen. Sergio Osmeña 3rd earlier said that the Senate could grant immunity to Napoles to persuade her to tell all.

    Osmeña was quoted as saying that it’s always a circus every time Santiago is in the Senate.

    Santiago attended the Blue Ribbon hearing despite being on sick leave.


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    1. Miguel Doromal on

      Now the truth is known… that Serge Osmena didn’t finish college.

      It’s not yet late, Serge!

    2. what is the wait? why don’t they just charge her for plunder and start the trial. there is enough evidence based on the whistle blowers. what elsel is needed? or are they afraid of Enrile et al. then they are all chickens and cowards not deserving anything.

    3. Who cares about napolez’s safety. I say take her to court there is enough evidence to find her guilty then put her in a normal jail where life is hard & probably someone will kill her. Its what she deserves. She isnt going to spill the beans on who is in charge but there is enough evidence to show who else was involved, i.e. enrille & revillia etc. Try them all & if found guilty put them all in normal prisons so they know the harsdships prisoners here suffer & hopefully they will also be killed by angry people. I have no sympathy for these thieves, they will steal every last centavo from the poor of this country as long as they are ok, show them no mercy.