Miriam files bill for taxi passengers


SEN. Miriam Defensor-Santiago has filed a bill that seeks to uphold and protect the rights of taxi passengers and penalizes both driver and the operator of the taxi cab who violate these rights.

“There are too many disturbing reports of taxi drivers and operators who take advantage of their passengers, from mere discomfort or discourtesy to robbery and physical harm. It’s high time this transport sector shapes up,” Santiago said..

“We need to enact a law to protect our commuting public, citizens and tourists alike, from predatory practices of some taxi drivers and operators and raise the service standard. By doing so, we would establish better public perception of the taxi service industry in general.”

Senate Bill No. 1206 or the “Taxi Passenger Bill of Rights enumerates a passenger’s rights to a taxi that is clean, smoke free, and in good repair; a courteous and helpful driver; and the right to direct the route, or expect from the driver the most economical route.

The bill also requires taxi drivers and operators to prominently display the driver’s identification card, with the driver’s and operator’s name, contact details, and ID picture.

Under the proposed law, first-time violators will be fined up to P2,000 up to P5,000 for their second offense, and up to P10,000 for third and succeeding violations, including suspension of driver’s license.

Neil A. Alcober


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  1. Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

    SEn. Mirriam Santiago, please file also a bill to stop all kind of “EPALS” not only on national e and local elections but also on barangay election by not allowing advertisements on any kind RADIOS,TV’S and NEWSPAPERS THREE MONTHS BEFORE THE START ANY ELECTIONS AND SIX MONTHS AFTER “. This will stop all ” EPALS”.