Miriam-Grace tandem in 2016?

 Sen. Miriam Santiago gestures as she talks to reporters after walking out of a committee hearing on Wednesday. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

Sen. Miriam Santiago gestures as she talks to reporters after walking out of a committee hearing on Wednesday. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

SAYING she should be the country’s next President, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Wednesday admitted that she is considering at least three potential running mates for 2016.

Santiago’s choices for Vice President are Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rudy” Duterte, former Defense Secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro and Sen. Grace Poe, who topped the 2013 senatorial race.

“I think I should be President because it is now so difficult to be President of this feckless or irresponsible country. Everybody in this country who is holding a high office or with high power is feckless meaning irresponsible, they don’t have any feeling that my brother is my responsibility,” she told a media briefing.

Santiago said Duterte would make an excellent Vice President and would be a big help in law enforcement.

“I’d love to run with Rudy Duterte, but he himself said he will not run for public office,” the feisty senator added.

Duterte is known for his strong stance against criminality and illegal drugs as well as strict enforcement of laws.

Santiago also sees Teodoro as a worthy running mate.

“But he told me personally before that it’s now or never and apparently he is making it never so we never know,” the senator said.

Teodoro served as congressman of Tarlac. In 2010, he ran for President but lost to his cousin, then-Senator Benigno Aquino 3rd.

Santiago also admitted considering Poe as running mate.

“Maybe Miriam and Grace, which sounds like [the name of]a restaurant,” she said in jest.

According to her, she ruled out Sen. Pia Cayetano because the latter will be loyal to her brother, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, who may run for President. Sen. Nancy Binay is also out because she will surely support her father, Vice President Jejomar Binay, who already declared his intention to run in 2016.

“But anyway, we are using Grace because Miriam and Grace sounds charming,” Santiago said.

Poe expressed appreciation for being included in Santiago’s list of likely vice presidential bets but she maintained that she has no plans to run for higher office.

“It is heartwarming to be regarded in such a way by Sen. Santiago who is one of the sharpest minds in the Senate,” she said.

But Santiago said her presidential bid will depend on the rate of her recovery from cancer. She noted that she may abandon her plan to seek the country’s highest post if she does not fully recover from lung cancer by December.

If her political plan falls through, the senator said she may join an international advisory council or a non-government organization or write a book.


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  1. sylvestre saniso on

    yes i support meriam gibo or meriam gordon good combination or gibo meriam good to matutuwid ng ating bansa kasi both are very knowlegable sa batas malaking pagassa ng ph. na pinalubog ni pinoy

  2. What about a Miriam-Rudy “love pair”? Then we can call it Mirdy or Rumir or Rudiam? any suggestion? Serously, Miriam could be an honest president except that his campaign managers are corrupt without her probably knowing it. Duterte is very tough on crime and drugs and I just love this man. No wonder Davao is the safest and cleanest city in the Philippines. Sometimes you have to rule with an iron fist to eliminate corruption. And I guess that Rudy will kick out any or Miriam’s campaign managers who are corrupt to the bone.

  3. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    I would prefer a Developer, an Architect or an Engineer to be the running mate of Sen, Santiago.Sen. Santiago can take care of the legal aspect of the administration, cleaning up of the corruption. The running mate can improve the development aspect. Proper planning and How projects are to be implemented. Maybe Architect Palafox ( did I get the correct spelling?) a town and city planner.Then I can see a better future of our Country.

  4. Gibo is my choice for president if ever he considers running again. I doubt very much if he ever thinks about the second highest position and under the skirt of a running mate.

  5. Miriam Santiago should be careful who she choose as running mate with Gibo as VP would be a good choice but not Grace Poe, as she said, she lacks experience. Manny Villar could have won if he had chosen someone other than Loren Legarda as VP.

  6. Miriam for President and Gibo for VP will be the Dream Team for 2016. Gibo was a UP Law grad and Bar Topnotcher. He is also a Master of Law graduate from Harvard University. With Miriam’s fighting spirit complimented by Gibo’s smart, these two may still clean up our government of corruption and finally lead our people to the Promised land.

  7. Miriam Santiago complained the cost of her medicines in another article that i read. As one of the movers in Congress, why doesn’t she sponsor a Universal Health Care System Bill for our country so the less fortunate will have equal chance to live and not just die because of poverty. .I don’t hear her pushing for the Freedom of Information Bill like Grace Poe. does to make a more transparent and accountable system of governance.She complains about congress being inefficient so she should form a coalition to get congress moving to pass all these impending bills into law instead of all these blue ribbon committee hearings which are mostly of political grandstanding.and moro moro shows.She is very self centered , arrogant ,demeaning , egotistic and she lack the finnish to be the next President of the Philippines.We need allies and opposition to forget their differences and their self serving political ambitions to reach a common goal in order for our country to move forward.We need to hear her platform if she wants to be the next President. Aside from all of these observations, I wish you a good and healthy recovery. GOD BLESS

    • Meriam-Poe is better. I noticed Poe is a fast learner and honest about her ability and experience. She will be a good support to Meriam and Merian can support and teach her the constitutional responsibility. I do not agree with the gang ho and extreme approach by Duterte. We have to know that we are civilized and practice to be civil.