Miriam is right

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

I agree with Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds given to the lawmakers was a form of bribe for the impeachment of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

However, Malacañang was quick to answer by saying that it was an additional fund given to the lawmakers to boost or accelerate the economy during that time.

But observers disagree and believe that the timing of the release of the fund was inappropriate.

Even former Budget Secretary Ben Diokno, who is now an Economics professor at the University of the Philippines, agrees with Sen. Santiago saying the disbursement was illegal.

Diokno claims the DAP disbursements were not included in the 2011 to 2012 national budget thereby making it illegal.

Even the President has strongly defended the DAP releases, insisting that the fund came from the savings of the government.

But isn’t the country always on a budget deficit?

Besides, that money given during or after the Corona trial could have been spent on more important projects.

Mr. President, we know that you are not corrupt but at least be honest.

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Edwin Gradiola another Napoles at DPWH?

The Department of Public Works and Highways [DPWH] admitted that more than P30 billion worth of infrastructure projects is “missing.”

DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson said his department could not account for the funds which were spent during the previous administration.

Singson added that based on their documents, the agency received the amount but officials are in the dark where it went.

They fear that the money could have funded several “ghost projects.”

One such project that the DPWH is looking into now is the P100-million 12-kilometer road construction at Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas.

Singson wondered why the project was awarded to a certain Edwin Gradiola. Construction of the road supposedly started in 2008 yet up to now, the project is unfinished. Worse, a big portion of it is unpassable.

Mataas na Kahoy Mayor Jay Manalo believes that the money for the project went to the pocket of Gradiola who allegedly built a mansion in the area and purchased almost 50 luxury vehicles.

Singson said they want to talk to Gradiola and ask him where he spent the P6 billion since they have not received accomplishment reports from him.

If this is the case, then Edwin Gradiola should be the next person to face a Senate inquiry.

P6 billion would have built hundreds of classrooms or filled government hospitals with medicines for poor patients.

Gradiola should explain where and how he spent the people’s money.


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  1. “Mr. President, we know that you are not corrupt but at least be honest.”….hehehe. epic!! para na rin sinabi, sir, alam mong hindi ka panget pero tanggapin mong hindi ka gwapo!

  2. Until recently, President Aquino had a squeaky clean image. Now, his image is dirty. He is only going after opposition politicians. Is he trying to give MAR Roxas a smooth ride into Malacanang Palace?

  3. Pinoy Makabayan on

    Not corrupt? Ano tawag mo sa nagbibigay ng bribe? Ano tawag mo sa nag tatanggol at nagpapabaya ng mga kaibigan, kabarilan at kamag anak niyang corrupt? Ano tawag mo sa tumatanggap ng election funds sa kilalang pork manipulator? Ano tawag mo sa gumagawa ng sarli niyang batas para maipamudmod ang pera ng bayan para ipanakaw, all for the sake of his persoal vebdetta sa pagkatalo nila sa hacienda? At ano tawag mo sa nagpanggap magbigay ng stocks sa farmers para lang huwag ma carp ang hacienda nila?

    • mark del rosario on

      I agree. How can he be not corrupt if he is not honest? If he has nothing to hide, why is the full disclosure of his pork when he was a Senator not available for audit? Bribing the senators (through the pork barrel) into convicting CJ Corona not a corrupt act? I’ve been consistently hearing this from the Tulfos that Pnoy is not corrupt, only the other people around him. Are the Tulfos’ hatred to the Arroyos clouded their judgement on Aquino who happens to be on the same side of hatred?

  4. you say mr president we know you are not corrupt but please be honest, im not as sure as you that he isnt corrupt. Isnt giving that money in the way you say being corrupt, i think it is. Plus do you think he himself hasnt benefited financially from any of these billions of peses funds, i dont think there is a single politician or top official in this country who isnt tainted with corruption in some way be it small or huge. How come none of you reporters or investigators ever thought to check out politicians in this country. You would rather go after a po1 for a slight erring instead of someone stealing hundreds of millions of pesos from this country, i know i dont trust a single one of you. I think the west has better investigators with more brains & foresight than any of you lot &i know that will hurt your feelings.

    • I guess, Pnoy has good intention for the country. It’s the people around him who are greedy and opportunists. When can we learn our lesson? Poor Juan de la Cruz!

  5. Why you are insisting it’s a bribe, it’s a reward because it was given after the impeachment

  6. No way Jose. A person who corrupt is as guilty as the one he corrupts. Besides, how sure are we that PNoy is creating many fronts to make him appear as uncorrupt?

  7. joebert banderas on

    lahat ng sagabal sa pangulo sa pagsugpo sa katiwalian ay kailangang matanggal sa pwesto kahit sinong presidente kung merong kumakalaban sa iyo at hindi makausad sa direksyong sugpuin ang katiwalian ay puputulin

    • mark del rosario on

      eh paano kung ang ginamit na paraan ay iligal at tiwali din? The end does not justify the means.