Miriam: Jail all solons in pork barrel scam


See them all on tv smiling, laughing and smirking at the charges they are faced with? They are telling Filipinos that they are all untouchable and that Filipino citizens are of no concern to them. A tax revolt is in order to bring them down to the common mans level. TAX REVOLT!!!!!
John, loboman51@hotmail.com


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  1. Its about time that the money go directly to the offices concern, senators and congressman were elected to make laws , they are not suppose to do the work ot the executive branch. Money for decs or public hiways or heath dept must be diven directly to each office and have the secrectary for each office accountable. They must not give any money to politicians via pork barrel, also committe menbership on govertment office must stop this another source of corruption, they were elected to make laws, not to be part of the public hiways, so why be a member of the public hiways or decs, or health dept. Just do your work as elected legislator , make laws and not money via pork barrel and corruption
    Most of the elected senators are great lawyers with very few exception that great movie star. Having said that most elected senators are brilliant lawyer , how can they be victims of fake ngo. We can see it all over the philippines every time a senator or a congressman donate some thing using goverment fund they will have picturial and most of the time name the place as if it was thier personal money spend on the project. Go to drive around metro manila you see names of politicians on dump truck, fire trunk, gyms,’ what right do they have to waste tax money in painting thier beloved name on a dump truck or gym built using govertment funds, well only in the philippines, a politicians
    having several wifes and brags about it.

  2. I agree with Maam Miriam to jail all of the solons once found guilty in the pork barrerl connection plus let them pay the amount of money they loosely squandered,without much thinking the suffering of the poor filipino population, or confiscate their properties,cars etc if they cannot return the money, after all its the proceeds of crime .

  3. Tama si Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile na wala siyang Kasalanan at hindi siya Makukulong dahil wala siyang perang galing sa PDAP at NGO na pumasok sa sariling bulsa. Si Enrile ay hindi interesado sa pera ng PDAP dahil itoy maliit para sa kanya. Ayon kay Enrile sobra na ang yaman nya mula ng panahon ni Marcos.

    Ayon sa Wistleblower, lahat ng pera ay hinahatid sa bahay ni Gigi Reyes na kilalang kabit ni Enrile at kilalang The 25th Senador. Ang PDAP na maliit na pera ay inaalay ni Enrile sa Kanyang Kabit na si Gng. Gigi Reyes. pag panaw niya.