Miriam, Marcos confident of winning


Presidential candidate Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago and her tandem vice presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. are confident that they will emerge victorious in today’s elections.

However, the two urged their supporters to guard their votes to ensure that the true will of the people will be reflected in the results of the elections.

The tandem said the administration’s recent moves show it is panicking about the imminent loss of their bets, as they also accused the Liberal Party of using money to buy votes to ensure that their rallies are well-attended.

Marcos added that Santiago remains in the contest, dismissing social media reports that she had withdrawn in favor of frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte.

The Santiago-Marcos tandem is banking on the youth vote, which covers 40 percent of the voting population.

At a rally on Saturday in Quezon City, Marcos said that the enthusiastic response they got everywhere they went during the campaign is proof that the people welcome their message of putting excellence back in government, unifying the nation, advocating that the needs of the country should go first before self and adhering to the principle that the national interest should precede partisan politics.

“It has been my privilege, great honor and extreme personal pleasure to have run this campaign together with your idol, and my idol too,” Marcos said, which elicited a frenzy of applause from the youth army and cheers of “BBM, BBM!”.

For her part, Santiago began with her trademark pickup lines, such as: “Peanut ka ba? Pinatibok mo kasi ang puso ko [Are you peanut? Because you have made my heart throb.]” She told supporters that her heart overflowed with joy, love and gratitude.

“I am surrounded by familiar faces, and faces of those who inspired me to run for President, those who gave me a reason to keep fighting, and those who can, and who will change the course of this nation,” she said.



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