Is Miriam the only real senator left?


    For all intents and purposes, a resounding yes. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is the only one in the 24-member chamber shocked and aghast—as the entire Congress and nation should be—that President Benigno Aquino’s 2015 budget is a document of deceit and defiance against the Supreme Court’s decision in November 2013 declaring the pork-barrel system unconstitutional.

    “They are getting ready to institute the same pork-barrel practices under the 2015 budget,” the senator was reported as saying in one newspaper report.

    The newspapers, though, had not quite captured Santiago’s outrage. “Pambihira ang budget na ito, nakakahiya,” she said in her privilege speech in one of her rare appearances at the Senate since she was diagnosed with cancer. That should be accurately translated: “This budget looks terribly irregular, it’s scandalous.”

    “Akala ninyo wala ng pork barrel? [So you think there’s no more pork barrel in the Budget (after the Supreme Court banned it]? There is, and it’s huge,” she said.

    “I am so outraged at what has been attempted to be done by this budget,” she angrily said. “The executive department is intruding into the powers of the legislative branch.” Santiago warned that the 2015 Budget was cleverly crafted to contribute to the Administration’s campaign war-chest in the 2016 elections, particularly for interior and local government secretary Mar Roxas’ bid for the presidency.

    Santiago labeled as pork-barrel funds some P37.3 billion allocated in the proposed budget as “lump-sum” funds to the departments of health, public works and highways, labor and employment, social welfare and development, and the Commission on Higher Education. They are called “lump-sum” as the uses of these funds aren’t specified, giving President Aquino the discretion to spend them as he wishes.

    SOURCES: Proposed 2015 budget submitted to Congress. * According to Senator Santiago, allocated for the departments of health, public works and highways, social welfare and development, labor and employment, and the Commission on Higher Education.

    SOURCES: Proposed 2015 budget submitted to Congress.
    * According to Senator Santiago, allocated for the departments of health, public works and highways, social welfare and development, labor and employment, and the Commission on Higher Education.

    I have devoted three columns explaining that Aquino, in order to defy the Supreme Court ruling in 2013 banning the pork-barrel system, simply tweaked it and renamed it. Aquino called his pork-barrel fund “Bottom-Up Budgeting Projects” allocation in 2014, totaling P20.1 billion, and “Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Projects” in 2015, amounting to P20.9 billion. (See “Aquino defies SC, renames pork,” Sept 1; “Largest pork barrel ever: P21B in 2015,” Nov. 2, 2014; and “Soliman, Abad dupe ‘Open Government’ body,” Nov. 4, 2014. )

    That the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting scheme is a sham and that it is in reality pork-barrel system in disguise is obvious in the fact that it asks us to believe that P20.9 billion in local projects such as “barangay halls,” “organic farming,” “livelihood projects” – the kinds of projects used in the now infamous Janet Napoles rackets – were determined by assemblies of civil-society organizations. That may be true in a few, exceptional cases where NGOs have been operating for decades. Local power, though, in probably 95 percent of the country’s 1,600 cities and municipalities, is undoubtedly in the hands of the local socioeconomic elite, mainly congressmen and local executives. If Aquino-Abad’s “Grassroots Participatory Budgeting” were real, we would be the most democratic and egalitarian nation on earth, making Sweden and Australia — countries that tried to adopt such budgeting system but gave it up later — look like feudal systems.

    What Aquino and his budget secretary Florencio Abad have done is merely to have the legislators list the local projects they want before the budget is enacted into law, and pretend that NGOs and local governments proposed these projects in assemblies in cities and municipalities. Have you, dear reader, heard of such assembly in your city or town?

    Santiago, in her speech, revealed the mechanics of the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting system: The budget department had asked congressmen to list their projects and had provided them forms designed to make such chore easy.

    Former Iloilo Representative Augusto Syjuco filed Tuesday a petition in the Supreme Court, in part asking it to stop the “Grassroots Participatory Budgeting” allocations since they contravene the Tribunal’s ban on the pork-barrel system.

    The new pork-barrel system amounting to P20.9 billion plus the P37.3 billion in lump-sum funds, which Santiago exposed, total P58.2 billion in pork-barrel funds – an astronomical sum compared with the P5 billion annual average since Aquino’s mother Cory instituted it in 1990 as the “Countrywide Development Fund.” Such magnitude is necessary because of the fact, as Santiago alleged, that the funds could be used in the 2016 elections: Some to build up patronage and some to skim off for campaign expenses.

    Aren’t the rest of the senators shamed by Santiago’s exposé, made at the most difficult time of her life when she should be at home with her family or in some hospital to make sure her stage-four lung cancer doesn’t get worse?

    Aquino’ three stooges – senators Antonio Trillanes, Alan Cayetano and Koko Pimentel have spent most of this year leaving no stone unturned for them to claim that Vice President Jejomar Binay is corrupt and, therefore, shouldn’t consider running for president. They must have spent months poring over probably fake documents their obviously mercenary witness showed them. And they haven’t studied the most important piece of legislation the Senate passes every year – the General Appropriations Law?

    Never mind, of course, the three jailbirds — Enrile, Estrada, and Revilla: You can’t fault them for thinking now of nothing but how to get out of jail. Never mind Aquino’s political lieutenant, Senate President Drilon, who is battling for the first time in his life serious corruption charges, and those two kids, Sonny Angara and Bam Aquino (include there JV Ejercito) as they were just asked by their elders to fill up the Senate seats.

    Forget Chiz Escudero, who’s busy with his wedding-of-the-year preparations and who seems to be more interested in a movie career if some film company would just give him a break, and Teofisto Guingona 3rd, who oddly with his “what-me-worry?” smile seems to be absent-minded in most Senate sessions.

    But what happened to the senators we would have thought had the brains, independence and courage to protest this ignominy that is the 2015 budget – the economist Ralph Recto, the level-headed Sergio Osmena, the once swashbuckling Greg Honasan, the business-minded Cynthia Villar and the mestiza Grace Poe? Nancy Binay should be told she is not in the senate just to defend her father while Ferdinand Marcos Jr. should remember his father was a studious, bold opposition leader at least for a time. Are Loren Legarda and Pia Cayetano still senators?

    History will condemn the 16th Congress as the worst ever — Aquino’s rubber stamp, especially for the 2015 budget.

    It will celebrate, though, the heroism and audacity of Santiago, the only senator who, despite her stage-four cancer, did her sworn duty as a public servant and stood up to protest Aquino’s most corrupted budget.

    FB: Rigoberto Tiglao


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    1. Delmer F. Hofi on

      YES! She IS the only one left. Senator Miriam S. is not a politician; she is a philosopher. A politician is worried about election/reelection; whereas a philosopher is focused on providing solutions to problems. With all due respect, yes! Senator Miriam D. Santiago is THE Senator of senators!

    2. I can’t even finish reading all comments, but I have read enough to be convinced with what everyone wants to happen. A CHANGE right? For the betterment? Yan ang problema e, because everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change himself. I wish the poorest of the poor who belong to the voting population would know of what everyone says here. Ako nga, alam kong hindi na makakaboto next election due a terminal cancer, nasasayangan because I know what 1 vote can do. I was convinced that the present administration is as dismal as my condition. Sana lang malaman din ng iba. That’s all.

    3. Very disappointing. I never completed the seats of the senate during elections as I believed there are only a few that deserved to be seated. Yet, those few I trusted betrayed me and have silently let this pass. Do we really need democracy today? Where is it? The president’s mother claimed we are free from the tyranny of the Marcos’ yet life doesn’t get any better. Are we really free?

    4. Maawa nman sana sila sa mga mamamayang Filipino. Nagkakandahirap sa pagtrabaho, nagtitipid, at ninanakawan pa ng mga mayayamang corrupt na ito. Sen. Santiago, you might be the only voice of the Filipino people in the Senate. Keep doing a great job. More power to you and praying for your full healing & recovery.

    5. Bakit nga ba nag-iisa na lang ang totoong senador? Kung qualifications sa pagtakbo ang titignan eh kahit sino naman pwedeng tumakbo provided na marunong ka sumulat at magbasa. Kaya si anak, si kaibigan, at si artista kahit walang alam sa batas ‘yan nakaupo. Ikaw naman Juan bumoto ka lang dahil sikat, dahil sinabi ni Kapitan at ni ‘leader’ sa baranggay. Kaya ‘yan tuloy kumpleto nga 24 iisa lang ang may totoong alam sa senado.

    6. Beautiful and very enlightening article indeed. We need more people of your caliber Mr. Tiglao who have the gall to expose the evil deeds of this Administration in so far as DAP/PDAP is concerned. Only time will tell when KARMA finally come to all of these people, from the President, to Senators and Congressmen/ women who continuously steal our hard earned money anabated.


    8. To the question, a booming YES na YES.
      The best way to renounce this despicable act is not to vote any of their annointed candidates.

    9. Sherwin Salarda on

      Napa kahusay talaga magsalita ang mga opisyal natin sa ating pamahalaan lalo na sa pangunguna ng ating mahusay na pangulo.Palagi lang sinasabi na maganda na ang ating ekonomiya.Ma tanong ko nga,nakakain ba ang ekonomiya.Hindi ba nila nakikita ang mga mahihirap nating kababayan na nagmamalimos sa daan upang kahit papaano ay may maibibili ng pagkain.maraming krimen ang nagagap dahil ang iba nating kababayan ay gumagawa ng masama tulad ng magnakaw at mang huldap para magka pera para mapa kain lamang ang pamilya nito.Naka punta na ba sila ng Japan,Singapore,Hongkong o di kaya sa Estados Unidos?Kung may makita ka mang namamalimos sa daan ay bibihara lang.At bakit?Dahil sa may maganda silang ekonomiya.Sabi nila maganda ang ating ekonomiya.Sa bunganga lang iyan pero ginamit ba nila ang kanilang mga mata?Hindi ,dahil bulag silang lahat.

    10. I have a strange and eerie feeling that a cabal is running the affairs of our nation, and that Pnoy is just the umalohokan (spokesman) of the said group.

    11. Kudos for Miriam. Go for the throat, Mriam Be relentless in exposing the pork barrel hidden in some other names,

      Let us have MORE MIRIAMs. PNoy is going senseless defiying the CONSTITUTION. Stop PNoy and his cohorts in the Legislature Branch.

    12. The electorate are the ones to blame for the corrupt practices of this Congress. They have suffrage, but they are not using it very well — either they submit to fear for their own lives, or their love for money.

      I’m afraid the political situation in the Philippines only gets worse by the day.

    13. paano na kaya kung wala si sen. meriam? toloy ang ligaya nga mga buwaya sa congreso…tsk…tsk…so sad…

    14. Napakalaking pera ng mamamayan ang nawawaldas…… kung nagamit sana ang lahat ng iyan para sa bayan, hindi tayo maghihirap. Ang nakasanayan kasi ginagawang business ang pagiging politician. sumasahod na nga, may commission pa eh para sa bayan din naman ang pera why not na huwag nang tanggapin ang commission. Mula sa senado tatanggalan ng commission, o pagdating sa congressman may commission, sa governor, sa Mayor, sa bargy. Captain may kickback…. pagdating sa mga CVO kakarampot na lang ang natira kaya tuloy surpluss na ang gagamitin para maabot ang pagtatapos ng proyecto. Parang anay na kinakain ang sariling bahay. Sariling bayan sinisira.

      Kailan kaya matatapos ito? At kailan kaya natin makikita na ang mga sumasalaula sa bayan at sa batas ay magbabayad sa kanilang mga kahunghangan. Lord alam namin na ikaw ang humahatol sa mga makasalanan…… pero ang tanong hanggang kailan ang aming paghihintay? At maabutan pa ba namin na masilayan ang pagbabago ng bansang ito para sa ikabubuti ng LAHAT ng mamamayan?

    15. For one, I can vouch for Grace Poe and Pia Cayetano as active senators, each with their own activities and advocacies in the Senate. But yeah, MDS is very active indeed as a Senator (at partida, she is technically on leave because of her cancer).

      However, I highly doubt a fattened DILG budget would be enough to make Roxas THE leading contender, at least in popuar opinion. People just don’t like the guy.

    16. >>>People of the Philippines !!! the weather and climate keep on changing on earth with mostly influence the politicians and these shame government. The spirit and sense of Election 2016 is already started since 2013.

      Kaya naman kailangan ngayon din gumawa ang nakararami ng kilos at gawa upang matigil na ganitong situwasyon.

    17. Daniel B. Laurente on

      Not so long ago a colleague asked me if there is still a chance for our Philippines government to get rid of corruption, I presumed he is idealistic individual because of his young age. I replied, there is no more chance for a change because it is a depth rooted illness in our human existence. It started from our home to different level of education and our surroundings to private work places and even the church itself including the media are all sources of corruption learning and victim at the same time. It is a WW phenomenon since immemorial time but corruption can only be reduced to a minimum level for some people and absent in some dignified people having self respect and integrity. Money and greed is both evil, tempting and grabbing an honest soul of human dignity.
      Getting rid of the scums would require tremendous effort and clean conscience which which is rare because it needs to be done by consensus.
      Unlike the computer system once corrupted it is easy to delete and reformatted to have new beginning with electronic imprints unseen.

    18. Vicente Penetrante on

      Under-spending is “chilling to the bones” of Senate President Drilon. It is right to continue spending through distribution of DAP and PDAF. It is right to redefine “savings” to keep “sunshine” and happiness flowing. Sorry for the minority in the House and Senator Santiago!

    19. Just as expected, Pork Barrel will never die, it will be resurrected, in another name. Without PORK BARREL, the president will be a lame duck, and the corrupt members of the Congress (House & Senate) will never thrive.

    20. yes she’s a favorite senator of the left,having actively anti VFA/EDCA, the article written by left, so what can we expect? yo all anti VFA/EDCA, same on you!!! PDAF or DAP have noble intentions and purpose, the solution is strict, transparent monitoring in the implementations…don’t be fooled by the super-nationalists, just judge them from their actions, are they really and true nationalists, you be the judge!!!

      • “PDAF or DAP have noble intentions and purpose”… you dont leave in Philpilippines, right? =) “the solution is strict, transparent monitoring in the implementations…” since MOST of the senate and congress are Pnoy’s ally, why on earth the FOI Bill (freedom of information bill) arent approve yet?? what took them sooooo long? are they hiding something???? =)

    21. There are only 4 explanations why out of 24 senators only 1 (Senator Santiago) is out to divulge the 2015 Budget as just the old anomalous budgeting system carrying the pork barrel “fat” that has become a good source of corruption:

      1. The lack of transparency in the Senate. Documents submitted by the Executive Branch to the Senate might have been kept “Top Secret” or “Confidential” that only selected individuals (Senators) can have access. Maybe Senator Santiago is just resourceful enough to obtain a copy despite this setup.

      2. Only Senator Santiago is able to “read between the lines” of the content of the 2015 Budget Document and has the wisdom to analyze its character. Others might have done so like Santiago, but has opted to ignore such “readings” and “analysis” for reasons consistent with their personal expectations and interests.

      3. Only Senator Santiago is brave and courageous enough to stand up against the Executive Branch to expose what is not right, irregular, anomalous, scandalous, unjust, and immoral These exposes were already decided by the Supreme Court as such.

      Remedial measures and solutions consist of:

      1. Because the 2015 Budget is already “cooked” and “ready to eat”, Senate should review and amend the contents of this Budget, and remove the “poisonous ingredients” that are conducive to “corruption”.

      2. Do away with “Lump-sum Allocations”. Instead, revise the wholesale expenditures and break it down to the most minute details that everybody is able to understand.

      3. Replace Secretary Abad or impeach President Aquino if there will be probable cause to do so. Leaders who connive with corruption will be a detriment to the people, will undermine good governance, and negatively affect the nation’s progress.

    22. So good to see that Sen. Santiago hasn’t lost her stream. She exposed the true face of the yellow party (LP). The “three senator stooges” has been attacking the VP Binay how corrupt he is but chose to ignore corruption in their own ranks or other party members like Sen. Drilon, Butch Abad, etc. We are all deceived by LP into thinking that they are all clean. The President may be the one of the less evil 2010 candidates but he is nothing more than a puppet of LP. A puppet president that has no clear direction where to lead this country and chose only hear his party’s comments than his own countrymen & women. As he ends his reign, he leaves a country with no process and no future to look to…

    23. If Sen. Santiago is correct that Aquino asked the congressman about their pet projects for 2015, would it not have been better if Aquino and Abad also got feedback from provincial governors, city mayors and municipal mayors so that their specific needs could have been included in the budget?

    24. The sad thing is nothing will change. Inertia as we know in Physics, is a hard moment to move against.
      History is replete with this. The only thing that will impede – I don’t say stop, because it never happens – is the fact the Corrupters and The Corrupt will fall over and among themselves “Head over Heels”, trying to grab as much as they can when they can.
      Nothing will change except for the personalities. Our country is doomed to lurch from one Incompetent to another; from one Disaster to another; from one Massacre to another. It is a Sad State for a Third World country to be in.
      But lets look at the Bright Side.
      a) We do not have the crippling Tax of the developed countries.
      b) We do not have gun-crazy people shooting up our kids
      c) We do not have muggings and rapes as common as that of the 1st World

      d) We have pliant docile Masses that will never think of fighting for their rights.

      • You are wrong on the guns…the country, Manila in particular, is now in the hands of goons and criminality- the two-person motorcycle tandems with guns and helmets – who ply Manila and rob, shoot, and kill anyone at will with no consequences. The police are nowhere, they only come to view the dead bodies afterwards.

    25. I think you’re really making headway in sowing public sentiment against Aquino and in favor of GMA. There are now a couple of hundred people supporting your cause. Good job.

    26. The budget for 2015 that was submitted by DBM was approved by congress 198 to 18 with no abstention. Hoepfully this week the senate will approved the budget with minor changes i.e on defintion of savings, etc. This is the process of deliberating the budget both in congress and senate. I truly believe we have professional and ethical people within the budget department, congress and senate not just a couple of people who are targeted by the author and Miriam. Miriam is by no means the only senator working or with sense if this is what the author project. There will be a budget hearing at the senate and I am sure there will be a lot of questions to be asked and this is the process which everybody have to follow. I am satisfied that most Filipinos are not afraid to speak up.

    27. 1. On the relocation of informal settlers in danger zones, e.g., waterways, within Metro Manila, whether on- site or off-site, the core commitment of DILG is simply to dialog with local authorities to persuade them to come up with Shelter Plans and to designate relocation sites preferably on-site. This explains why for years, the amount of P 10 Billion was parked at the NHA. Beyond this area, the lead is DPWH. I know I have there. If there is now a switch in roles, i.e., DILG as lead in the relocation, it is simply a political capital for 2016.
      2. On BUB, now renamed Grassroots Participatory Budgeting, obviously but unhidden in the scheme of things, the former was a political capital in 2013, with the latter for 2016. On the surface, it appears laudable since in theory, it is inclusive. But there is a “submerged and hidden from view process” that betrays the intention of such efforts.

      But then, middle level officials and technical officers of DILG are excited because they have projects which are externally generated and funded with tons of public funds. Some of them though and those with critical perspectives talk in whispers about the real intentions of such “initiatives” with the argument that they are more fixated beyond 2016. I know, I have been there.

    28. Apparently the job of mischievous PNoy and his thieving twin Abad is wait for the yearly budget to be prepared, manipulate everything to their favor and make sure that bribe money for legislathieves and other government officials are sure to be included and prepared for future use, naming it with colloquian names but the same mechanics as DAP. This is the only accomplishment of the PNoy administration – to set aside peoples money to bribe the legislathieves.

    29. Definitely no one among them except now for Miriam will challenge this budget simply because its almost election time. They will use these funds for their own political survival. That is why for as long as even the lawmakers themselves skirt around the law wala na talagang mangyayari sa ating mga pinoy kung mismong ang mga gumagawa ng batas ang siyang mga lumalabag.

    30. Good article. I applaud Miriam for showing the Senators what they should be doing. Don’t take the pork and clean up the budget.

    31. Again.. the AQUINO-ABAD tandem is cooking up something…which…unfortunately most of uninformed Filipinos don’t know/understand or don’t care at all….because.. they just want to be “entertained”, by the likes of the “Three Stooges Senators”, Trillanes, Pimentel & Cayetano. Don’t we get it?? this Binay Senate probe is just a diversion, such that they can “insert the pork barrel” again…..It’s unfortunate that we Filipinos, have long patience…kahit niloloko na tayo..ng harap-harapan

      • Filipinos stay silent, and it is a presumed “yes” to whatever the heck this administration is doing. Our President is hiding behind his last name and we look at his whole clan as heroes.. Let’s all speak up. We are being treated as fools.. Tama na ang pag rename ng mga funds na kukurakutin nyo.. Mahiya naman kayu. The entire Philippines is at stake, the senate will never stop investigating, and politicians are becoming entertainers. Wake up Filipinos!

    32. Leodegardo Pruna on

      When our days are numbered, we should not be afraid to speak the truth. Sen. Miriam is just doing her work the way she perceives it to be best. God bless the Philippines.

    33. it is a good thing that maid miriam also saw what prof briones was saying in her column here at manila times a month or so ago. si makoy jr. ay umeksena din pero kapos. binira lang ni makoy jr. yung budget ni boy pickup na parang binigyan ng budget para magawa yung ginagawa ng line agencies like housing, irrigation, etc.

    34. We reap what we sow. We are now experiencing the poison of the hocus pcos and the immaturity of our electorate. Something must be done with our election system and the proper voters’ education. Until and unless, we have a good election system and a very mature electorate, then our governance will deteriorate until eternity.

    35. Indeed, Madam Santiago is the only one we can call Senator. Although the Senator talks to much, I listen as she is the only that makes sense. What about the other Senators? My mouth is closed!

    36. That certain budget it will not be released everything must be gradually, and not as big as that on the spot. While the election on the way supposed to be the no more releasing a budget and they can release the budget after the election not now. Because all the thieves candidate are after of the budget is it fucking deceitful plan of Aquino, it is shows very clear of corruptions! Can you tell me who is the owner of the new Ferrari car the value of P190 million pesos was own by a powerful politician and also the asset of Willie Revillami was we heard that is own by the highest rank politician of the Philippines , it means is President Aquino!

    37. I have never been a fan of the Times but ever since I read one of your columns, especially on topics pertaining to the travesty that we have as a government today, my faith in responsible and credible opinionated journalism has been restored. This administration values little or none at all, the plight of its real “bosses” — the poor Filipino taxpayers, who has to part a third of their hard-earned income to give lifeblood to the numerous scandals that this administration has been involved in.
      I hate evil but I loathe hypocrisy even more.

    38. These lumps sum appropriations will again fatten the pockets of most politicians and will again miss helping our poor people, if the allegations made by Sen Santiago is true.

    39. How many derogatory things have been said about Sen. Miriam Santiago, but I believe that only the feisty LADY that Sen. Miriam Santiago is, the only one so far who have almost observed the 13 rules on HOW TO BE A MAN by Rudyard Kipling. And, should one day what now ails her (cancer) would take her to the grave, the Philippines can proudly lay as epitaph on her grave what James Shirley wrote in his poem, DEATH THE LEVELLER:
      The garlands wither on your brow,
      Then boast no more your mighty deeds!
      Upon Death’s purple altar now
      See where the victor-victim bleeds.
      Your head must come
      To the cold tomb:
      Only the actions of the just
      Smell sweet and blossom in the dust.
      Meanwhile, I thank you, Mr. Tiglao, for pulling the curtain wider apart so that we, the people, might be made better aware of the wicked schemes and the dangerous traps, this BSA III ‘s administration has been continuously crafting against us. Please, give us more tips how we can put an end to all the indignities this administration is subjecting us. Thank you, and may God reward you most abundantly.

    40. BS Aquino, the Pork King, proves again that he is fork-tongued whose words cannot be trusted. He thinks he is above the law and can’t care less what the people feel about his abuse of taxpayers money. We thought this much abused pork barrel is history, only to find out that Aquino and his minions in Congress have again inserted it in the 2015 budget.

      Our people are hurting. Statistics say 6 out of 10 Filipinos who succumbed to sickness die, for lack of money, without ever seeing a doctor. Millions of Filipino kids are malnourished. Yet, this unconscionable President wastes people’s money in making his political allies fatter by doling out to them billions in pork barrel. Why does he do it? So he can be safe from impeachment by bribing members of Congress with pork money.

      I say Bravo to Sen. Santiago for denouncing the deceit and defiance of BS Aquino of the ruling of the SC that pork barrel is unconstitutional.

    41. I think the author is blowing smoke in our arse again. How can there be only one senator working? Miriam gets his sources from unreliable sources. She doesn’t attend hearings and more importantly she has not reviewed the budget. I consider the work of the three senators the most important job that they have accomplished so far…clean the government of corruption. We are pleased to know under the administration that there are three senators who have been charged with plunder and/or corruption.

      • That arse is being readied again for the 2015 shafting that Aquino and his minions will be doing to the Filipino people with this pork-packed budget. Let’s see what the yellowtards will do when the Supreme Court rules the 2015 Budget as unconstitutional.

      • Please read again. Thank you.

        Oh, and thank you Mr. Tiglao for this eye-opening article regarding the pork barrel being secretly brought up again (tweaked and disguised) by the BSA III government and being revealed by the only true Senator, which I believe, the only one with ‘balls’ among them.