Miriam seeks treatment for chronic fatigue in US


Because her doctors here could not determine the cause of her chronic fatigue, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Monday said she will be leaving for the United States to seek treatment for her illness that has bugged her for 10 years.

The senator was diagnosed with acute chronic fatigue complicated by heart palpitations that produces shortness of breath.

“I have been unable to leave my house since January this year,” said Santiago, who has been on sick leave since July 22.

“I find it intolerable to keep staying at home, but even I cannot will myself to ignore the inhibitions inflicted by disease,” she told reporters.

The feisty senator, known for her sharp tongue and quick temper, said that she left her house only to report for blood and other tests in certain hospitals, notably St. Luke’s Quezon City.

She has also been treated with injections to increase her blood level, and with megadoses of Vitamin D, of which she is severely deficient.

“But it appears that in its present manifestation, things have come to a head and I am rendered virtually dysfunctional,” she said.

However, before Santiago leaves for the US, she sought a clarification before the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on her medical leave.

“How long can I stay on medical leave, with pay, and then without pay?” Santiago asked CSC Chairman Francisco Duque 3rd in a letter.

Santiago explained that this will be the basis of her future decisions with respect to her senatorial term, and with respect to her judicial term abroad.

She said her condition will have an impact on her assumption to office as elected Judge of the International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands.


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