• (Mis)Interpreting DU30


    BEFORE some non-Davao-based mediamen give their biased comments on seemingly uncouth remarks and actions of President-elect Duterte, I must hasten to give my own.

    I also want to beat to the punch temporary would-be Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo. After all, Panelo is neither a mediaman nor is he from Davao, so he may not be qualified to interpret all of Mr. Duterte’s controversial comments and actions.

    Mr. Duterte said newsmen should consult their colleagues in Davao to determine if he was merely joking or exaggerating things rather than report his statements en toto. I’m from Nueva Ecija and I find it difficult to consult media friends in Davao like Carol Arguellas and Edith Regalado. However, there’s little difference between “Davao” and “Danao,” so I might as well qualify myself as unofficial interpreter of the incoming President. Here goes:

    Duterte wolf-whistles at a TV reporter
    President-elect Duterte has drawn a lot of flak from ignorant newsmen and columnists for wolf-whistling at GMA-7’s Mariz Umali at a presscon. If there’s anything that shows media “bias” against him, this is it.

    (The more appropriate term is “prejudice.” One can be biased for but never be biased against a person or thing. However, one may be “prejudiced against. …”)

    Ms. Umali is one of the more refreshing faces on TV. She amplifies her winsome looks with her searching questions in interviews. A number of mediamen must be envying Raffy Tima, also of GMA-7, for having such a wife. Now, President-elect Duterte definitely has an eye for beauty so it’s to be expected that the sight of her made him react the way he normally does—wolf-whistle.

    A big number of opinion makers immediately pounced on him for this light-hearted action. Wolf-whistles coming from street idlers indicate ill-breeding and utter disrespect for women. This couldn’t be said of Mr. Duterte who’s no idler. One must remember that he just got more than 16 million votes and is about to be sworn in as President. As the saying goes, “It’s the singer, not the song.”

    So, a wolf-whistle from Mr. Duterte should be correctly interpreted as a flattery, not as disrespect for women.

    His critics should remember that as Davao City mayor, he signed an ordinance imposing heavy sanctions on men who disrespect women, like wolf-whistling at them. Mr. Duterte is a man who’s determined to lead by example, so how could he possibly violate a code of conduct that he wants others to obey? His critics must have blinders, mistaking his playful act as low regard for women.

    Many beautiful lady reporters from abroad, especially from the US, should also feel flattered should he give a wolf-whistle while they’re interviewing him. If they don’t appreciate or understand such a playful and harmless action from him, then they should consult reporters from Davao—or a columnist with a “Danao” family name.

    In the same vein, women kissed by Mr. Duterte during the campaign should feel not violated but flattered. After all, only a few get kissed in public by a very popular person. These spontaneous acts are what endear him to the people. And did you see him put out his tongue at the sight or mention of some women? Only “biased” persons would take these against him. So what if he puts out his tongue on girls if he’ll cut the tongue of criminals?

    If being wolf-whistled at and kissed are flattering, then women who are courted by him should feel more so. We all know that he’s “macho” and never hides the fact that he has many common-law wives. Women in this predominantly Catholic country shouldn’t be offended should he want more common-law wives. He is what he is. Take him for what he is. After all, having many wives isn’t included in his moral doctrine for good governance. This doesn’t matter as long as he makes good his vow to eliminate criminality in six months.

    ‘Gaga, shut up!’ – President-elect Duterte to a lady reporter
    Mr. Duterte is also being scorched, also undeservedly, by “biased” media for his recent flare-up against a lady reporter of a leading broadsheet. What’s wrong with saying “Gaga, shut up!” to a reporter who asks irritating questions?

    He should have the right to answer only the questions that he likes. And if things worsen, he could ban from his presscons reporters who ask hard questions for these reveal their “bias.” He can’t be called “Trump of the Philippines” for nothing!

    Final word:
    To misinformed readers who might chastise me for this column, let me tell them that like Mr. Duterte, I’m also prone to exaggerations and sarcasm. Readers should consult my editors at The Manila Times for a proper interpretation of my columns.



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    1. Isn’t Press channel for freedom of speech? Did DU30 shown lewd acts thrown at the lady ? I thought Press been trained to handle all kinds of weather in their profession? Are they mentally/emotionally equipped to be part of truth finding groups?….talk about decency, how many Decent Pilipinos left there is?…he is known for his ability to lighten up a dirty/sickening state of the Philippines nowadays…he’s a good strategies/street smart, and man enough to stand his grounds….common stop this nitpicking, there bigger fish to fry and urgent pressing needs to clean/wash linens….get ur fingers on the corrupt officials/dep’ts and start sweeping them off to jails and recover their loots….

    2. Mr. Danao, don’t worry about the people disagree with this article. The are the bias minded people that provably suppport the usless yellow coluor and the useless President.

    3. Hey Danao, are you trying to be funny or what? I can’t believe The Manila Times allows shit like this be published! The man might have been elected by 16M votes but does not justify the amplification of whatever street language he uses to amuse himself and others of same foul mouth or of same psyche like you. Please try not to justify undignified language such as this.

    4. You are as sick as Duterte. In fact, majority of filipinos are sick as him that’s why he won.

    5. Rudi Miranda on

      Congratulations! Heavenly, it’s a hell of a piece! Right on Mr. Efren L. Danao…

    6. It takes intelligence and sensibility to comprehend Pres. Duterte’s spoken and non-spoken language. Sadly, not that many have those characteristics like you Mr. Danao. Illiteracy has been Abnoy’s legacy. Please help.

    7. Anong katwiran yan? ang reporter na eto ah iba rin ang pag iisip, Mind conditioning ang ginagawa,,bastusin kaya kita at sabihin ko sa iyo ay ok lang bastusin kita at intindihin mo ako..you son of of a B**H! paid journalist ata eto.. Putang i*a mo! (Intindihin mo na lang ako ha?) ..maunawain ka naman..P*ta ka!

    8. Some reporters are asking questions that normally shouldn’t be asked because they are personal and might lead to giving away information that could be used by people in advancing their sinister plans. That is why i think Mr. Duterte is careful not to divulge some of his private info. Also the Mr. Duterte is irritated by questions which were to him absurd and not thought out. Sometimes he answers this questions with more absurdity and sometimes sarcasm. I think the President need to be respected and I assure you he will reciprocate. The President is a true blue fighter of corruption that is why even in Media and the Church he wants to fight them. Let’s help him because that is a noble cause and there can never be another Duterte. A unique man indeed!

    9. We have to remember that duterte was elected by the 16M not because of his rude attitude but because of his promise to eradicate drugs and corruption. One cannot justify duterte’s action because of the vote he got. The 16M expect him to be a president who knows what is proper or not. Rmember PNoy was also voted by a lot of filipinos. And as many as those who voted for him were dissatisfied with his presidency.

      • 16 million voters can be wrong too. Look, there were 18 million voters that vote for Pnoy, were the voters voted for the good president in 2010 ? Pnoy is really not fit to be the president of this country. 6 long years for nothing. Let us look at this Duterte presidency. Too early to judge. What is clear is this guy does not respect anybody.

    10. DU30 was elected by the people, he should respect the people that elect him.
      DU30 is not above the law neither any of us.
      Let us not give justification to wrong action or behavior.
      He said he wanted to kill the drug lords, pushers and others, for what reason? Because they violated the law? or They harm other people? Whatever the case, if DU30 harm other people, isn’t it the same as drug lords,pushers. Then he should also be held accountable for harming other people.

      If the humble journalist are asking question with genuine intention of finding the truth an doing her job, she should be given the respect for doing her job. If DU30 could not even understand this, then we are all doomed, this country will run by a butcher, law violators and spell chaos.

      Therefore, if that happens let the professional military man take over the government and get rid of this DU30 the butcher. Maybe its a matter of time that all people who have been agravated by this man will gang-up, put a bounty and a bullet in Digong’s head , 10-million dollar will be a good number to start with.I’m sure lots of mercenaries will take that job.Who knows there might be people already plotting his termination.

      Isama na si Joma Sison once he step at Manila airport.

    11. You can not justify the unjustifiable. It may be OK as a mayor but should it still be OK when be becomes the President? Should it be OK to wok-whistle at beautiful wives of foreign dignitaries when he attends a conference with them in the future?
      Remember, the determination of harassment is not with who said it or did something. It is determined by how the person felt when she received the message or action.
      It is not you or Duterte or his apologists who determines if it is disrespectful, it is the lady reporter.

    12. What is wrong is right. Is that what you are trying to say? How can any decent person read your column and not be amaze . You are one heck of a person.