Misogyny and Leila de Lima



Senator Leila de Lima would like us to believe that she is victimized because of her gender.

I vehemently disagree. This is not a gender issue. And it is offensive that she plays the gender card.

It is pure theatrics, like the many she inflicted on us, in her press conferences, in her walkouts. Now she is seen on campus tour trying hard to be another Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

She complains that she is being bullied by the President, the Secretary of Justice, some of her colleagues in the Senate and the House of Representatives, all of them men.

But Leila de Lima is a woman of power. Her public narrative is lived fighting for, with and against men.

As an election lawyer, she lawyered for defeated male candidates.

As a chair of the Commission on Human Rights, she challenged a powerful and popular male city Mayor, who is now our President.

As a secretary of the DOJ, she openly defied the entire male leadership of the influential Iglesia ni Cristo.

She was the attack dog of a weak male President, acting at his behest, and joined the lynching of a sitting male Chief Justice.

She was voted out of her Senate committee by her peers, not because of her being a woman, but because of her mishandling of it, by presenting an incredible witness, and by using her position as chair in running a hearing that far exceeded its purpose, with the aim of destroying the President of the Republic himself.

It should be noted that except for one, all the women senators joined the men to depose her.

She is now in trouble not because of her being a woman, but because of her failure to rein in the drug trade within the national penitentiary, with the suspicion that she might have benefited from it financially, and for her audacity to fight the President.

Hence, for feminists and the CHR to present her as the new poster girl to fight misogyny, on the premise that she is being bullied as a woman, is in the same league as when she paraded Edgar Matobato as a credible witness.

While I concede that she may have a case for misogyny on the issue of the publication of her alleged private sexual indiscretions, her case stands on shaky grounds.

First, a sex video, as proof of a scandal, is as damaging to a man as it was to Hayden Kho. The threat of using salacious sexual proclivities has always been used in history, and victims included men and women, straight and gay. In the US for example, almost all the known sex scandals involved male politicians. Thus, while the misogyny may have been incidental to her case, it is not structural in the entire history of sex scandals and videotapes.

Second, while the disclosure of her alleged sexual adventures is, indeed, morally and ethically offensive, aside from being unnecessary, a close examination reveals that de Lima could not claim to be a victim. If the allegations are true, then the Senator is not a clueless victim but a willing participant. Furthermore, the power relation inherent in the alleged illicit relationship was clear – Leila de Lima was the boss, her alleged lovers were her driver or her bodyguard, men who were her subordinates. She is not a Monica Lewinsky. Clearly she held the power. She was not an innocent schoolgirl who was sexually harassed and forced into submission by a lecher who held power over her.

Leila de Lima claims she is a victim.

However, people are not buying this story line. It is evident in the angry birds that float across the screen during her video-streamed press conferences, and the fact that when she tried to cry, that such were replaced by icons of laughter instead of sympathy.

Leila de Lima claims she is a victim of misogyny.

She is not. On the contrary, her life story is littered with male victims, or losers whom she saved from electoral debacles, or weak men she propped up. Men served and guarded her. She bullied men, fired and hired them, used them, took care of them, loved them and destroyed them.

And if there is one single icon of a man whose fall she had a hand on, that would be Renato Corona, who died a broken man. And if there is one man that she may have used and destroyed, it would have been Edgar Matobato.

Leila de Lima may have been objectified by the testimonies in Congress about her alleged sexual acts, but lest we forget, she would have been in the scene not as a helpless victim. If the allegations were true, then we could say that she would have been a sexually empowered woman in full control of her sexual agency who knew and got what she wanted.



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  1. and because of that Ms.Universe 2017 should not be held in the Philippines because according to these so called representative of the women’s sector, the candidates will not be safe coming here because we are haters of women. how is that? :D

    And are they saying that like delima, a woman should be excused and be exempted from punishment because she is a woman?

    • She should be punished because of her crimes as druglord protector and using drug money for election.
      She is a woman but a very powerful one. She dominate even powerful men.

  2. Thank you Mr. Ànton Contreras! Thank you for being a positive writer and seeing the “SENSIBLE SIDE”of the PHILIPPINE SENATE DRAMATIC GUILD??? Most people are fed up, I say most because there are still alot of psychopaths who prefer to defend this senator who instigated the flourishing SHABU BUSINES, can you imagine, CONVICTS NEGOTIATING WITHIN THE BILIBID TERRITORY, NO SINCERE POLICEMAN CAN CATCH THE OFFENDERS… TSK TSK TSK… THIS WOMAN SENATOR COULD HAVE BEEN BULLIED WHILE SHE WAS YOUNG, MAYBE PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY… SHE ALMOST DESTROYED AND WAS WANTING TO DESTROY THE BASIC UNIT OF SOCIETY, THE FILIPINO FAMILY, GOOD THING , WE GOT A BRAVE PRESIDENT FIGHTING THESE HORRIBLE MEN IN POWER WHO ARENT SATISFIED WITH THE DRUG MONEY TSK TSK, GOOD HEAVEN, “Dilemma” is using the church and the nuns for her ” WEAK STANCE” drama effect, which is truly disappointing and we could also think that these religious orders are enjoying the drug money from Dilemma??? If I were the priests & the nuns, they should separate themselves from these DRUG CODDLERS, SEEING THEM HAVING PHOTOS WITH DRUGLORDS LIKE WHAT THIS OLAGUER DID & HIDING MATOBATO, it’s ovious, they’re protecting the druglords because they get money from them???

    • Corazon betsayda on

      I agree, she’s trying to convince the youth and poison there minds .she will never ever be senator MIRIAM Santiago she,so a disgrace old woman whose sexual appetite is incredibly worrific.
      We should not allow this woman destroy another good man because of trying to stand up against a dying yellow minions.
      We should not listen to these women group lead by Ms navarre who will always know a yellow ever since.they don’t represent women in the entire country,they represent their interest that should be protected.
      Change is hard at first, and sometimes could be difficult to accept but low all should learn from the 30 years of doing nothing government.

  3. Samuel Abiertos on

    I agree with you in practically all respects, and I am incredulous that anyone can still think that Senator Leila de Lima is worth supporting in her self-appointed quest for promoting justice and human rights. She doubtlessly committed treason against the people of the Philippines when she foisted self-confessed killer-for-hire Edgar Matobato on the Senate Committee on Justice on absolutely false pretenses. She glossed over the criminal case filed against Matobato way back in 2000 for the kidnapping with ransom of businessman Sali Makdum. She had conspired with Matobato to postdate the alleged killing of Sali Makdum in year 2000 to year 2002 so she can build a mass-murder case against the so-called Davao Death Squad allegedly on orders of then Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. This surreptitious updating and truth-bending was what enabled Matobato to falsely implicate several Davao City policemen in the supposed killing of Makdum that year, when in fact Makdum had been kidnapped two years earlier in 2000, disappearing and was presumably killed. It even turned out that Matobato, in his defense for that kidnapping-for-ransom case, had executed a counter-affidavit in 2001 where he identified his accomplices, none of whom were the policemen he would later implicate in his Senate testimony.

  4. I believe most of this article to be accurate but I still have to admit that some of the issues involving de Lima hit below the belt.

    The threat of showing an alleged sex video does not belong in a civil society. Better to threaten her with a paper trail of the alleged drug money instead.

    • Matagal ma yang scandal na yan. Hindi pa president si Duterte. Just so you know. ? Nsa youtube pa nga yan e

  5. She is in Dilemma that’s why to cover her shame she invented other scheme to distract any accusation against her and hoping to get back on the present leadership. Well sad to say she will fail terribly as her misadventure and greed in bilibid has been put to light for everyone to scrutinize . And the majority didn’t like what they heard and see coming personally from those person who give her the manna from hell.

  6. De Lima, shamed by her own doings and pronounced guilty beyond reasonable doubt by her partners in crime, will now try to seek refuge in the Supreme Court by running a test case on the immunity of a sitting President. She expects this to excite people’s interest with prayer that people would indeed believe that she, of the weaker gender, is a victim of bullying by a powerful President. Convince the marines first, Lie lah delimma!

  7. Kudos to you Mr Contreras!!..you said it very well..people are sick and tired or her drama..yeah rigth she’ s like an angry bird trying hard to get sympathy from the viewers..but instead gaining sympathy she’s turning into a laughing object infront of the camera..and the more she do…the more she got the grudge from the Pilipino people..
    Thanks Mr Contreras for your brigthest and courageous analysis and emphasis on every issues/situation happening now in our country..We always see the possitve side of your articles…Im a fan..I salute you Sir! ?? Keep up!



    Hang her!

    Bird of the same will flock together (DINKY SOLIMAN, ETA ROSALES, LEAH NAVARRO…)

  9. The electoral system in RP has the power to determine the sources of political contributions and from that angle De Lima can be screened. Form the list of contibutors and from her own finances we can strapolate some conclusions. How much she spent in her senate campaign matched with the strapolated amounts as discussed. The difference of both amounts can be assumed as coming form the BNP Funds…the rest is up for the great minds of NBI to connect where the dots lead.

  10. It is only now that Leila de Halimaw talk about gender. She does not know that when PNoy was in power and she was one of her hencemen, she acted like a man who will bulldoze all who opposes PNoy and the LP. She was acting just what PNoy wants her to be, his pitbull. She must not complain about gender issue.

  11. Deym! Am w/ her w/ the alledge vid tape. Pasok sa banga ng #everyWoman cause yun.
    But deym! I pity her for always using her gender everytime she looses an arguement. Deym! Just a lame excuse.

  12. If the allegations about her is true then she should not just be rotten in jail but be given the capital punishment of death penalty..

    It is an enduring truth, which can never be altered, that every infraction of the Law of nature must carry its punitive consequences with it. We can never get beyond that range of cause and effect. – Thomas Troward

  13. Shame or your CHR and the feminist group taking de Lima side. This woman is using gender and all sort of drama to divert attention from here crime.

    I am sick and tired this drama queen. She is giving bad reputation to your country.

    Sadly, you have a weak senate president who event talked your senator out of filing ethics cases against her.

    It seems that do nothing weak senate president is more of protecting his position that doing what is right.

  14. Wilfredo sumang on

    For me, the worst worst crime that delima committed was her involvement in drugs, being the doj secretary then, she has all the power to stop or incarcerated all the people involved in this drug trade, but instead she allowed these barter of drugs to happen under her reign.
    Thousand kilos of shabu were being barterred everyday, and miilions of drug users consumed these daily, now just imagine, how many of these users have families who are the end victims of their illegal acts, what about those innocent victims outside of the communites?
    I could not imagine anymore of what will be our country now if digong duterte did not win the presidency?

  15. Is it because she was not that good looking that droves her to act the way she did? I always believed on payback time. No good deeds have consequences.

  16. ow my ass is tired of her drama! her credibility is negative. -10! she shouldve been in jail !!!

  17. It’s simply sexual harassment of a female boss on male employees.
    She violated laws and she must suffer. All her allegations against Aguirre are all what she did as Justice Secretary. Look who’s talking now