Mison must give BI crooks, AWOLs the boot


Immigration Commissioner Siegfred Mison reassigned some rank and file personnel to new stations as part of the Bureau of Immigration’s continuing reshuffle to boost professionalism and curb corruption.

I believe Mison, being an agent of a person in authority that is the President, has the power to assign and reassign personnel “in exigency of service.”

In less than two years since his appointment as Immigration commissioner, Mison has implemented drastic reforms under his “Bad Guys Out, Good Guys In” policy.

Such reforms resulted in better services to foreign nationals and Filipino travelers, one good reason for a big celebration of BI’s 75th founding anniversary today.

Apparently, however, some BI employees vehemently resent being transferred to another post or location.

These scalawags want to keep their “juicy” positions and resist being included in the “rigodon.”

In this connection, several BI employees may yet face stiff sanctions if they cannot justify their continued absence in their newly-assigned stations.

In a series of show-cause memoranda, the BI’s board of discipline headed by Ronaldo Ledesma directed concerned BI employees to explain why they failed to show up in their assigned posts. Failure to submit a written explanation shall be considered a waiver and the preliminary investigation of these employees may be completed.

Some employees immediately filed for leave after being transferred but the requests were disapproved, according to Floro Balato, airport operations division chief.

An employee who does not report to work beyond 30 days may be declared AWOL (absent without official leave).

Well, if they fail to report or comply with the memo, these AWOLs should be fired.

These “bad guys” are the ones who have given BI notoriety comparable to that of the Bureau of Customs.

Probe ‘maltreatment’ of NKTI patients
While scrutinizing the proposed budgets of various government agencies, Congress must take the opportunity of looking into complaints of widespread “maltreatment” of poor patients at hospitals.

Day in and day out, droves of indigent people seek treatment at government-operated medical institutions, being unable to afford high-quality services at private hospitals.

Unfortunately, patients are “routinely” subjected to verbal and physical abuses by arrogant and oppressive medical staff at these facilities.

One example is the case of a young teacher who was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus, a debilitating illness that causes intolerable pain and mental distress.

She had to bear with the ordeal of traveling twice weekly to the outpatient services department if the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) on East Ave., Quezon City and “get in line” before sunrise to secure a number and beat the “cut-off.”

At government facilities like NKTI and Philippine General Hospital, patients who do not make the daily “quota” do not get to see a doctor no matter how far they have traveled.

Those who get a lucky number have to wait for hours in a hot, crowded waiting area not even conducive to lupus and kidney patients.

The wheelchair-bound lupus patient and her elderly dad were subjected to unnecessary humiliation by a hot-tempered nurse, who “interrogate” patients like criminals.

To treat patients inhumanely is in itself “sick.”

We’ve received similar complaints about patients being “bullied” by medical staff at NKTI and PGH, too.

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