Mison unmasks racketeers at BI


SCUMBAGS at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) just won’t give up their nefarious activities, and they desperately seek the ouster of Commissioner Siegfred Mison, who stands in their way.

Those bad eggs are the ones who deserve the boot, and the unflinching BI chief has named several officials behind the illegal activities at the agency.

Now it’s up to President Aquino, who received Mison’s report Tuesday, whether to act or sit on it.

The remaining old hands in the rotten practices at BI prey even on innocent foreigners. They are the mulcting personnel who see “cash” at the sight of every foreigner stepping into the bureau’s offices to transact business.

They shamelessly engage in fixing cases for overstaying or blacklisted aliens and aid human traffickers and illegal recruiters.

They protected illegal alien workers, including Chinese engineers previously apprehended at Citi Tower in Quezon City, and other construction sites in Metro Manila.

After being deported, the Chinese workers were allegedly allowed to return to their jobs without valid work permits and visa.

That is why Mison has ordered a renewed crackdown on foreigners unlawfully employed here, resulting in the arrest of at least 18 Taiwanese last week in Makati City.

Some “BI insiders” allegedly collected protection money from the illegal alien workers.

The BI racketeers also coddle Chinese and African illegal drugs syndicates, disguised as foreign students.

They, too, vehemently resist the ongoing reassignments or “rigodon” which has affected their illegal activities. They should be declared AWOL (absence without leave).

They have fabricated cases and accused Mison of the very felonies they themselves have committed with impunity, such as extortion.

They are the ones who demand to be assigned to “juicy positions” and demand promotion they do not deserve.

And, they are anxiously awaiting the rumored Mison’s dismissal in the wake of the Wang Bo hullabaloo.

They are anxious whether or not Mison is going to stay; who might replace him; and if they could continue their scam.

They are anxious whether “happy days” would come back to BI anytime soon.

But BI happens to be a government branch that has shown exceptional signs of genuine transformation from being a haven for corruption and abuse. It’s not a model agency by any stretch of imagination, not just yet.

The embattled commissioner won’t flinch, determined to get on with his “Bad Guys Out, Good Guys In” program at BI.

Mison said on Tuesday, “These so-called old timers, disgruntled employees or bad guys from within, want nothing but to destroy the reforms being institutionalized at the Bureau of Immigration. They are after me because I’m the one leading the charge for genuine change. And they are desperate because they have lost illegal revenue from corrupt practices.”

The BI chief identified the BI’s “Gang of Four” as Associate Commissioner Gilberto Repizo, Faisal Hussin, former BI intelligence chief, Atty. Felino Quirante, Jr. and Ricardo Cabochan.

Hindi na nahiya ang apat na opisyal na ito! Sipain na ang mga iyan!

Repizo is the BI official who lawyered and objected to the immediate deportation of Chinese fugitive Wang Bo, who is wanted in China for illegal gambling operation.

The remaining rotten eggs at BI have reportedly placed bets as to when Mison is going to be given the boot by President Aquino.

Some expect a new commissioner before BI’s 75th founding anniversary in September.

The President and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima might as well keep Mison for the rest of the administration’s term in 2016.



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  1. mr. tulfo hindi mu alam pinag sasabi mo. mag investigate nman kayo ng mabulgar ang kalukuhan ni mison. san siya kumuha ng pambili ng luxury cars, pagpapatayo ng mansion sa qc at pambili ng malawak na farm sa tagaytay kung walang ginawang kalukuhan ang mison na yan. tungkol sa lifting ng blacklist ang opisina lang nman niya ang nag lilift nun at wala ng iba. nag huhugas lang ng kamay ang mison na yan. magkanu kaya allowance niya sau para ipagtanggol ang abusado na yan. marami na siyang tinggal na empleyado na walang nagawang mali. marami namn siya ipinasok kahit ung hndi nakapasa sa BI Qualifying exam.. bulok ang mison na yan at siya ang dapat sipain sa bureau.. ang kapal ng pagmumukha niya. be fair nman mr. tulfo. hndi mo alam pinagsasabi mo