• Miss U beauties meet ‘Digong’


    With his rolled up Barong Tagalog sleeves and signature suspenders—Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reportedly made the beauties of the 65th Miss Universe pageant feel right at home at Malacanang Palace Monday afternoon.

    An open admirer of beautiful women, Mr. Duterte welcomed 84 out of the official 86 candidates during their courtesy call at the Rizal Ballroom, with Miss Switzerland Dijana Cvijetic and Miss Finland Shirly Karvine skipping this major event for feeling ill.

    Following his brief and lighthearted speech [read full story in today’s News Section], the beauties had their photo opportunity in batches of 20 with the President, as well as Department of Secretary Wanda Teo and Miss Universe Organization president Paula Shughart.

    As the candidates shook hands with the President one by one, Miss Philippines Maxine Medina received an extra pat on the back during her turn as if to wish her good luck.

    An open admirer of beautiful women, President Rodrigo Duterte was at his best behavior as he welcomed the Miss U candidates (top photo) PHOTOS BY RENATO H. DILAN

    Before the courtesy call, the candidates had lunch at the President’s Hall, and after their visit to Malacañang proceeded with the rest of Monday’s itinerary, which included a National Gift Auction at Conrad Hotel.

    From hereon, the last remaining days until the grand coronation on January 30 will see will see the candidates in preliminary competitions, such as the final judging for swimsuit, long gown and national costume. No more out of town trips are scheduled for the candidates who will be busy rehearsing for Monday’s big day.


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    1. I have seen this on TV + I have seen it also at Yandex Zen| I think Digong is really not being Presidential: but instead he seem to have acted like a Kanto Boy na Lasing.

      WHY?| it is as simple as hearing his flatter words and as if he is like flirting with those women. He shouldn’ t be wording such because he is married and he has a Live in Partner: which I think is immoral and unChristian.

      If I am the head of Malacanang, and these contestants did visit me| I will thank them for the inspiration of Good Grooming on Women. I will also tell these Ladies that it is nice that they don’ t indulge in many food| Gluttony is a Deadly Sin. I also will tell these women too protect themselves from being exploited by their Handlers and Organizers| they might be a Merchandise for Old Rich Men especially when they are wearing Bathing Suits.

      I really am appaled by the COSTS of the PH in this Activity| Man, there are a lot of Pilipinos who are dying of hunger and illness: yet, they did prefer to put money on this VAIN Purpose.

      I say now| Digong, what have you done to the Poor Families of PH? Kill them or just let them sleep on the sidewalks of the streets hungry? :P