• Miss World Megan Young unhurt in Haiti accident

    Children surround Miss World 2013 Megan Young during her visit to Haiti. PHOTO FROM MISSWORLD.COM.

    Children surround Miss World 2013 Megan Young during her visit to Haiti. PHOTO FROM MISSWORLD.COM.

    Miss World 2013 Megan Young of the Philippines saw firsthand how crucial it was to improve the lives of Haiti children after being in a minor accident with them in Port Au Prince, the country’s capital, last week.

    On October 31, Young and Miss World Organization Chairman Julia Morley visited an orphanage taking care of 78 children. When some 20 children rushed toward them, Young, Morley and the kids fell as the wooden floor of the school building they were in collapsed.

    Young escaped unhurt after landing on her feet but Morley sustained a hip fracture. Jonathan, one of the children who fell, also suffered a leg fracture.

    An official report by the Miss World website on November 4 revealed details of the incident.

    “It was such a scary situation for me. It makes you realize there is so much more that should be done for these kids. It’s not the only orphanage out here in Port Au Prince, and I am sure others are in similar state,” Young said.

    “It was a real eye opener and just shows how much work needs to be done in Haiti. I want to go back and continue with the work that we have started, and make sure nothing like this can happen again,” she added.

    The newly-crowned Filipina also recalled how she “instinctively” tried to protect the other children, as well as her glorious crown.

    “We had all fallen down, but I was still on my feet. I had the crown in one hand and the other hand instinctively holding up one of the decks in place with two people. There were lots of kids under the decks and we just instinctively held on,” she shared on the pageant’s website.

    Young wished Morley and Jonathan fast recovery. “We just hope that Julia recovers from it as quickly as possibly and dear Jonathan. My thoughts are with them at this time,” she said.

    The Miss World 2013 titleholder returned to New York to be with her family. She was in the United States fulfilling her duties before going to Haiti.

    The Miss World pageant said that Jonathan was immediately treated at the local Medishare hospital.

    Morley, whose hip took a “high impact break with significant soft tissue damage,” was flown from Haiti to Miami. She was brought to the Jackson Memorial Hospital where she had a five and a half hour-surgery.

    Morley shared how she fell in her back in order to catch some of kids thus resulting in her hip fracture. She felt thankful that Megan and most of the children were safe after the accident. “I was so relieved that nearly everyone escaped unhurt,” she said.

    She also promised to return to Haiti to continue her work once she’s recovered and ready. “I will return to Haiti as soon as I am well enough. There is a lot of work still to do. I want to go back and see the kids and to check on Jonathan’s progress. This terrible accident highlights the continued need to provide a safe environment for these young kids. Many of them were orphaned as a result of buildings collapsing during the terrible earthquake in 2010,” Morley said.


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    1. Thank God everyone is safe especially to Megan and no one’s got killed (So scary!). My heart fell to Ms Morley. Hope she recuperates soon.

      Maybe Megan, this is the right time in proving her statement to be the Ms World ever. To do her task responsibly, for the meantime without Ms Morley on her side since she will still be recuperating. Or I guess, someone will be at her side to assist her… though it’s very different if Ms Morley is on her side always. Really praying for Ms Morley’s recovery. :)

      Hope for the best to all of them.
      God bless.