Miss World Organization in full force



By now, the country has already crowned the new Miss World Philippines with a promised grand pageant night at the Mall of Asia Arena on Sunday.

As of press time though, it seems that the London-based mother organization has pulled all the stops in pleasing beauty pageant-fanatic Filipinos for its part, especially since 2016 Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray—deemed a strong contender to the international competition—failed to snag any title.

If that is indeed the case, then Miss World Organization chair Julia Morley did very well in making the Philippines feel loved and important to them, by bringing all their reigning winners to attend Manila’s coronation night.

Take note, this is the very first time that the current Miss World Stephanie del Valle and the 2016 continental winners namely, Miss World Caribbean Yaritza Reyes, Miss World Asia Natasha Manuela, Miss World Americas Audra Mari (who is one-fourth Filipina), Miss World Europe Lenty Frans, Miss World Africa Evelyn Njambi, Miss World Oceania Madeline Cowe and Mister World Rohit Kandelwal all travelled together to attend one country’s pageant.

CEO and Chair of Miss World Organization Julia Morley (center) brings the reigning Continental winners to Manila along with Chief Zwelivelile Mandela (fourth from right) to attend to charities and coronation night; welcoming them is Arnold Vegafria (leftmost), franchise holder of Miss World Philippines

Moreover, the pageant’s “Beauty with a Purpose” executives Scott and Gina Holmes, as well as longtime charity partner, Chief Zwelivelile Mandelsizwe Mandela of the Royal House of Mandela and the Nelson Mandela Foundation also came along for a jam-packed outreach schedule over the weekend. Mandela is the grandson of South African icon and former president Nelson Mandela.

According to Morley, they chose the Philippines as their first port of call in a worldwide charity effort because the country is very close to her heart.

“The Filipinos are fantastic people. Oftentimes we hear negative things but there is so much positivity here and everyone just wants to join hands and help,” she told In the Know.

She added too that she was most moved about Catriona’s Beauty with a Purpose video on Smokey Mountain last year, which is why her team included Tondo in their itinerary for this visit.

Ian Veneracion’s first independent film “Puti” will finally have a commercial run this coming September 8 to 14 in eight SM Cinemas nationwide. Ian along with his co-stars Jasmine Curtis Smith and Lauren Young believe that this is the perfect time to show the movie they shot in 2013 what with the popularity of indie movies lately.

“I really noticed the shift in the indie movie scene. Imagine we had this film shown all over the world and in the CineFilipino festival, and finally we’re having a commercial screening to give into messages of people online who have been curious about Puti.”

Puti is a psychological thriller film about a counterfeit painter who figures in a freak car accident that renders him color blind. While recuperating, strange things start to happen to him.

Independent film ‘Puti’ stars (from left) Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Lauren Young and Ian Veneracion

Ian meanwhile said that with the rise in mental health-related crime nowadays, this film is the perfect medium to help Filipinos become more aware about it.

“Mental health awareness is always taken for granted by Filipinos. Dapat natin seryosohin. Tingnan nyo yung mga nangyayari sa news. It is really happening now and we have to acknowledge it.

GUESS WHO? Well this actor’s new surgery is not as bad as that of an actress who keeps changing her nose style, but during a press conference, everyone couldn’t help but notice his newly sharpened nose. It seemed thinner than usual.

Before entering showbiz, the actor already bleached his skin, had face fillers and a nose job, which paved the way to his heartthrob status. What turned off some media members even more though was when he was asked about his very obvious new nose. He denied it when the stitches were still very visible over the coat of foundation. Yikes!

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