• Mist-clearing: Bongbong Marcos should enter the race


    Political scientists and campaign strategists call it the period of mist-clearing in an election season–a time when the fog of too many candidates and incoherent issues, and uncertain coalitions, begin to be cleared up, and the really serious and viable candidates are the ones left standing to go the distance.

    In the US presidential race, mist-clearing is the period of the primaries and the party conventions, prior to the start of the formal election campaign. This is the situation now in the 2016 race for the US presidency.

    In our own presidential race next year, we are now in the period and process of mist-clearing. We the people find ourselves in a real fog. We face before us a watershed election of far-reaching importance to the nation, and yet at this point, only one prospective candidate, Vice President Jejomar Binay, has so far openly announced his decision to run for President.

    While there are many others who are interested in the office (“presidentiables,” we politely call them), most can’t find the guts and moral stamina to announce their candidacies.

    Not even the putative candidate of the administration and the Liberal Party, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, has announced his decision to run. Strangely, it’s only his mother and his wife who appear to have announced his candidacy.

    The inconsequential presidentiables drown themselves in their own braggadocio with statements like “the presidency or nothing.” Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who briefly shot up in the surveys, makes statements on his reasons not to run and his family’s stern opposition to his running.

    And then there is Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who stands tantalizingly between a formidable political base determined to enter him in the contest, and his Hamlet-like dilemma on seeking the highest office of the land.

    Mist-clearing will sweep away the fog.

    Binay vs. Roxas: A Scylla and Charybdis contest

    If only to spare us the tedium of a two-way contest for the presidency between Jejomar Binay and Mar Roxas (a repeat really of their vice-presidential duel in 2010), I hope that Senator Marcos will end his handwringing and decide to take up the challenge and join the race for President in 2016.

    A woman friend, a keen and wry observer of politics, grimly describes Binay-vs-Roxas as a “Scylla-and- Charybdis” contest–a predicament in Greek mythology, wherein avoidance of either of two dangers means exposure to the other.

    If only to help clear the field of too many wavering candidates, I submit that a Marcos decision to run will accelerate the process of mist-clearing. It will hasten the strengthening of parties, the formation of coalitions and the development of platforms and programs.

    I dread the prospect of waking up every day to another round of attacks on Vice President Binay by the three stooge-senators, and another exchange of press releases between the Binay and Roxas camps. If Bongbong runs, we will at least have a three-way fight of press releases.

    For sure, a Marcos candidacy will change the political conversation and the calculation of odds in the May balloting.

    My colleague Kit Tatad laid out last week the most cogent case for a Marcos candidacy. He believes that if Marcos can forge a coalition among the formidable Ilocano vote base, the reformist forces in the country and the overseas Filipino communities, and then fashion a reform program of government, he could become an unstoppable force next year.

    Striving beyond certainty

    Filipino presidential wannabes are fond of saying that the presidency is destiny. It is a form of fatalism, and a prayer for providence to anoint them as the one.

    But in the real world of politics, destiny does not drive the achievement of the prize. Ambition, desire, vision and commitment make the difference between success and failure.

    In the pursuit of the highest office, real leaders forge their own destiny. There is such a thing as “striving beyond certainty.”

    Perhaps, the most succinct explanation of this principle was made by Eleanor Roosevelt (her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the US presidency four successive times). She memorably said: “If we wait till we’re ready, we’ll never get started.”

    In much the same vein, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, while testifying on funding and installing of a missile defense system, said: “If you didn’t do anything until you could do everything, you probably wouldn’t do anything.”

    Indecision will send you into what Rumsfeld hilariously described as “known unknowns and unknown unknowns.”

    This time, Bongbong should say ‘YES’

    In mid-2009, I had a brief meeting with then-congressman Bongbong Marcos at my office in Makati (party-list congressman Jonathan de la Cruz arranged the meeting). In our conversation, I presented to him my belief that it was time and it was propitious for him to run for senator in the 2010 elections.

    Within a month or so, BBM decided to throw his hat into the ring.

    Within weeks also, the health watch over former President Cory Aquino ended in her death, and exploded into a wave of national mourning. And then, from out of nowhere, the banner of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd was raised as a candidate for the presidency.

    I don’t know whether my advice helped BBM in making his decision. But he did run and went on to win a seat in the Senate, where by any reckoning, he is serving with great distinction.

    Faced with a decision in the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, Sen. Marcos said “NO” to President Aquino’s dark agenda, and voted to acquit Corona.

    Offered a “bribe of “ P100 million in DAP funds so he would go along with the majority in the Corona trial, Sen. Marcos said “NO.”

    Charged with the task of shepherding without changes the Palace-cum-MILF version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) through the Senate, Bongbong said “NO.” He will conduct hearings and consult all stakeholders. And he will come up with a substitute bill.

    Now he is faced with a life-changing decision of seeking the presidency of the Philippines. This time, Bongbong should say “YES.”



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    1. Until were still closed our eyes. Wake up my fellow Filipino people we are now belong to the poorest country and open your eyes to see the evil spread by this present administration and you will know that almost trillions debt was our obligation to pay in the World bank. Now is the time to push the
      right person and i believe that is BBM.

    2. Maximino Zurbito on

      Sen. Bongbong is just an exemplary leader whose achievement in public service and governance is beyond compare. It is now his time to act as the unifying leader of the country already plunged into the deepest chasm of mismanagement. No other personality could do more than what he had done, doing and will do when elected president of the country which hopes for transformation lies upon Sen. Bongbong’s very own shoulders….

    3. Go for it, Mr. Senator! You’re most qualified and I trust you! Truly, you could be the unifying force to place this nation where it rightfully belongs!

    4. yes ,go, BBM 2016 !were here ready and cast our votes on may 2016!we the OFWs want you bec we knew you can make the Philippines great again as your father did before.kayong pamilya lang ang may pagmamalasakit sa ating bansa pati na ang iyong mga kababayan!so please say YES now….

    5. genesisbughaw on

      Yes! Senator Bongbong Marcos, Jr is a clear viable candidate comes 2016 Presidential Election.
      His steadfast control of himself on issues that matters-the courage to say NO is an exemplified kind of what leader is.
      He is not an easy kind of person that can be kowtowed in other words he appeared to be a principled person.
      Timing matter when decision shall be made.
      -Marshall Plan for Mindanao;
      -Repeal Mining Law of 1995;
      -Repeal E-pira or better improve in the interest of general welfare(Stop Privatization); and,
      Joining the BRICS.

      He can muster support from Solid North up to Sulu.

      No More Wang Bo Yellow Bird.

      Again, the unfinished business …This Nation Shall be Great Again!

      God Bless the Philippines!

      The Philippine Eagle, The Yellow Bird and The Black Bird wow! Ayus!


        I thought we promised ourselves “NEVER AGAIN”. We can never blame Kit Tatad for his thinking. He is still having his hangover from his association and role in the Marcos Era. This hangover is giving him some hallucinations about his infallibility.

    6. Talaga naman na maraming Pilipinong Inutil o stupido. Nakalimotan na kaagad na ang mga Marcos sila ang sumira sa Filipinas. Si Ferdinand, Imelda, mga anak isa na si Bong bong mga nunber one na kawatan nang pera nang taong bayan. Ginawa ni Imelda ang treasury nang bayan na kanyang piggy bank. Pag binoto pa ninyo ang mga plunderer at kawatan tapos na naman ang Pinas.

      • bakit ano ba nagawa ng aquino administration??? sa mga nagawa ng dating pangulong marcos? 20 yrs asensado tyo noon, tinitingala ng ibang bansa, ngayon???nganga!!! sandamakmak na crimen, wlang takot na mga criminal sa bansa, yan ba ang maipagmamalaki ng aquino admisnistration…sa lahat ng mga sumali sa EDSA 1, marami na ang nagsisisi…kc ginamit lang nila si CORY para ipabagsak ang marcos, ngayon unti unti nang kinakarma ang mga me pakana ng lahat na pabagsakin sya….kawawang PILIPINAS kung patuloy pa rin ang YELLOW ribbon na nasa gobyerno, hindi nmn sila makatao, pansaliring kapakanan lang nmn ang gusto nila kya gusto nila sa pwesto…hindi nmn kapakanan ng sanbayanang PILIPINO..

      • Mr. Gregorio de Ocampo, sigurado ka ba mga sinasabi mo? Napatunayan ba ng korte na sila ay guilty? May conviction ba sa kanila ng alin mang korte? Court Conviction or Media conviction?

        Sino ba ang inutil o stupido? Kasama ka sa mga taong mapanghusga, higit ka ba sa korte? look at the North now.

    7. I predict that BBM will bring prosperity and industrialization to the country. making as a leader in ASEAN.

    8. Fernando Dilao on

      yes we have to vote BBM for the highest position not only for his parents sake but for his performance as legislator he show his much concern with the move of Pinoy to approve the bbl that would caused our country people to extreme perdition.

    9. Thank u! Sa lahat ng nakakakila at nakikita ng liwanag!ikalat at ipaalam sa lahat!BBM ang pag-asa ng lahat,ng gustong mapabuti ang bansa!

    10. Johnny Ramos on

      There is no way that Bongbong Marcos will ever fake his credentials being a graduate of Oxford and Princeton. Their will not allow it and he could face a multi million dollar suit if ever he faked it. Baka di nakaka apak ng America at England ang nagsasabi ng fake ito. If is about time for us to pay a visit on the archives of Congress and the Senate the actual performance of Bongbong Marcos, Mar Roxas, Grace Poe and Pnoy. I already did it and I found out that Bongbong did well that the other 3. On the local governance which Pnoy, Mar and Grace it can not be compared the 3 have never been elected locally. But between Binay and Bongbong I would give Bongbong a better grade since the income of Makati City is far greater than Ilocos Norte. In fairness both excel as a local chief executive. The father of Bongbong really fought in Bataan unlike Ninoy who was only reporter in the Korean War. The grandfather of Pnoy Benigno Aquino I was arrested in Japan by the soldiers of General MacArthur for being collaborator. For Pnoy dad, I am still puzzled what Ninoy did for our country except getting himself shot in the airport in 1983. We have our civil laws and court during the time of his death and the democratic process were never changed by Marcos then. It was implementations of law enforcer that were questions then. The bottom line is that more peaceful and safe in Metro Manila then than now. Executives are judge by the their credentials or years of experiences and not because of the parents because they are really different.

    11. makoy jr should say yes to run for the presidency. he is a viable alternative to biNOY (tainted with corruption) and boy pickup (proven to be non-performer with his stint at 2 very important posts, dilg and dotc) and to his step sister (KUNO) (not true tho) little ms.poe-pet. for me, he is my alternative should gibo not run.

    12. I am impressed on BB’s education, communication skill and knowledge about politics and a number of subjects. I knew one day he will pursue the highest position of our country for various reasons. However, over the years after observing him talk, respond in TV, photos, comparison to others, he does not seem to impress me as a leader our nation. He has not shown a kind of leadership that would bring together Filipinos. He has blamed the administration during Typhoon Ondoy disaster in Visayas instead of helping and thanking people. He has not addressed China’s reclamation in the Spratly islands and taking over Scarborough Island closed to Ilocos Norte aggressively. There is still a tendency for him to appease close friends and relatives even if they’re wrong. My one cent of comment.

    13. The Marcos name makes me angry at what his father had done to the country, the bad effects of what he did, the country is still suffering!!\\

      They should get out of politics for good . They have not yet been punished for the abuses the Marcos family has done to the country.

      • Have you read of any court conviction or just plain media hearsay. I CONNOR to your statement ” stupid Filipinos” and I reckon you are one of them Roberta, a basa basa ka naman pag may time and open your mind and eyes hwag kang Bulag at stupid gaya ng sabimox

    14. Rodolfo del Valle on

      Bongbong should run for president and the time is not tomorrow but now! Please lead this country and this nation will be great again. You have the solid Ilocano, the waray-waray and the whole nation behind you waiting for you decision. – Rod del Valle (former Board Member of Northern Samar)

    15. BongBong, run for President. The Filipino people are greatly disappointed of the incumbent and previous administrations. Help the Filipino people proud again. Get Duterte as your VP. This is the best combination! Thank you!

    16. I will vote for BBM. Please run for President and save the Philippines from this greedy yellow tard businessman like media network, vital installation which was sold by this crazy mother and son to their friends, business associates, relatives and their cronies.
      He is the man for the people of the people of the Philippines.
      GO GO GO GO.. Ang mga dilawan na karamihan na taga makati ay ganid sa kayamanan ng bayang Pilipinas. No to Binay , Roxas and ZERO TO all Liberal Parties.
      bring back the respect , legacy of his father, FEM, the greatest and best President of the Philippines ever had, The rest were ‘NOTHING”..

    17. His father was a great man, inteligent and precise on his visions. Regarding his Mother? Accusations are all innuendos. She did more for the country than all the Aquinos put together. BBM is our only salvation from the yellow turds and the oligarch. Save the Philippines BBM the country needs you. NOW!!

    18. Arturo Buenaventura on

      We have a lot of good people who can very well be the President of the Philippines. Its just that the kingmakers are limiting the choices to a very few candidates. But before we go into the selection process, it is critical that we get the Smartmatic out of the picture, or else we will live in the illusion that we are voting for our president.

    19. Rosita Velasco on

      Sa mga nangyayari ngayon sa ating bansa under this jaundice administration, the ghost of former President FEM will continue to haunt us especially the traitors and their accessories to the crime of falsely crucifying the former President. I am for BBM as the next President, I have high hope in him as a leader that he will be able to pull our country back from the hell where it is now.

    20. This nation căn be great again wlth
      Bongbong MARCOS as president. He has the experienced, wisdom and capability, to change and lead
      this nation.

    21. We need a strong leader,brave,strong mind and pro-filipino that only one who could deliver-Bongbong Marcos for President! We have no choice but to vote for alternative candidates Bongbong Marcos.Binay and Roxas are filled with controversies of corruption,lies and bad mouthing to their opponents.(BBM you’re the one (that’s my original slogan).

    22. Bongbong is his father’s son who has carved out a reputation truly his own. He can try his father did good early in his terms and faltered only in the latter part. Now the people are more awake and can already distinguish a pretender from real servant of the people. Good platform of government will be fresh wind in the political horizon. Go Bong Bong give Binay and Roxas a good fight.

    23. Bongbong can change the Philippines for the better. It is his duty to save the country from dark forces that now surround Malacanang. The combined strength of the solid north and the Waray vote will be enough of a base. Consider too that among the names being bruted to be candidates for the presidency, only Marcos appears to have a solid record of performance as a governor, congressman, and now senator.

    24. It’s time for Senator BB Marcos to run for President for 2016 Elections to revive the economy, to regain back the status of our nation during the time of his father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos. More people and the silent majority will support you Senator BB Marcos for 2016 Presidential Elections. Go! Go! Go! and more Power and you will make it….

    25. Bongbong Marcos is not a born leader but a born twister and spinner of truth. Not only he has the genes and DNA of a plunderer and power-crazy politician in the person of his dictator father, Ferdinand Marcos, which proverb states ” Marcos Jr.as ” fruit of poisonous tree” or ” fruit fall not far from the tree”. Bongbong already claimed as graduate and degree holder of Oxford and Princeton, when in truth it was fake claim like his father’s FAKE War 27 Medal of Honor. Marcos can very well finance a third party run of himself by the stolen wealth of his father to,the tune of $5 to $10 billion I’ll-gotten money from the Philippine treasury which can be capitalized to buy the media and political groups to support his presidential bid! Of course, Bongbong will refuse and in fact refused and rejected 100 million DAP bribe by Aquino faction as reward to vote for impeachment of Corona, as he knows the beneficiary is Aquino, a known family adversary of the MARCOSES. Any project of Aquino, whether the impeachment of Corona or the passage of BBL will be scrutinized and opposed by Bongbong Marcos in the guise of protecting the nation from the selfish agenda of the Aquino’s., which in the process will be considered by the people as a good fighting stance of the opposition (Not Bongbong personal agenda) against Pnoy.
      It must be remembered that the Roxas clan had served the country well without blemish on its reputation especially on ” PLUNDER” like Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos. Thus in a three-way contest of BINAY-Roxas-Marcos, the best honest bet and truly deserve to win is Mar Roxas, who himself is well-experience, good reputation and well educated though may not have the masa appeal but must win. Bongbong can run for Presidency BUT people must RUN AWAY from him as the product of corrupt couples and still the heir of the plunder and stolen wealth of the people which the MARCOSES clan will enjoy without working for the next 10 generations of MARCOSES. President Marcos is the great provider of stolen wealth to the next 10 generations of his clan, including Bongbong Marcos!

      • P.Akialamiro on

        BBM had no choice of parents, like everyone else. However, he is a different person with his own track record of personal achievements. I wish you be more objective about things happened and happening in the country. Whether we like it or not, BBM iwill be the man to beat!

      • Mar roxas may not be corrupt, but his people are. So it’s the same thing with binay or Marcos. All things being equal, I’d rather choose someone with the hope that they can make things better – binay or Marcos, than someone who doesn’t know what to do, much less being a president – roxas.

      • That is very unkind. Nobody should be defined by the deeds of anyone. One should be seen according to his merits. He did well as a public official. His clarity and sincerity is unquestioned. And a man should be seen according to his heart not according to what we know and see for these are just illussions. Mar Roxas nor Jojo Binay are neither perfect too and Mar has his own meltdowns and he didn’t quite shine as a DILG chief nor with DOTC. But still Mar should be seen according to his own merits as a public official and I admire him for authoring the Bill opening for the call centers. BBM did a wonderful job in Ilocos Norte as a governor. And I have not heard of any corruption he did except for the continuous rubbing him of his father’s sins which I may say allegedly for as a strong leader he did some strong decisions that has hurt many. But FM, should be judged according to his heart. The train of achievements during his term and the infra projects that will alleviate the people’s lives have been many not to see. His term was filled with incredible opposition that threatened the nation like the Mindanao crisis courtesy of Ninoy’s allegiance to the Malaysians, the NPAs and the oligarchs who wouldn’t part with their lands. Now for whatever mistakes the father did, or my father did is not his or my mistake and I or BBM should be allowed to flourish with my own merits unlimited by what people thinks. And same for everybody. For no human mind is good enough to be a good judge.

      • Manuel Jaime jr on

        The real wealth of the Philippines are its nationalized institutions privatized by the mother of all crooks in this nation,the Cory administration.Her government,and the succeeding ones,except that of the former President,now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada,are the real thieves that have penetrated government for almost 30 years.The oligarchs,who, during the Marcos days were almost obliterated and were then living a normal life,found an ally in the communists and the Americans,who wreak havoc in the countrysides and municipality’s to create an atmosphere that Marcos is not anymore in control.They are the ones responsible,and people like you who propagate false accusations and malicious lies why this nation backtracks into where it is supposed to be going.But this is your expertise.Yellow media and its trolls are very good at destroying people it don’t like.Reason why for 30 years,this country has accepted corruption to persevere.But,its far more different now!With the advent of the electronic media and internet,people can now easily access what is true and what are lies.Never again can the yellow media control the minds of the more than 70% silent majority of our population.We can now know the truths that has long been kept by the yellow gang for the public to know.Come 2016 elections,the silent majority will speak,loud and forcefully. WE WILL VOTE BBM,BBM,BBM,,,,FOR PRESIDENT…And theres nothing the yellow clan can do…CIAO..

    26. Sen. Marcos should realize that opportunities and propitious events are not made by man. They are made to happen by the maker of destinies. That Sen. Marcos found himself in unusual situations where he can define and catapult himself to enviable advantageous situation is serendipitous. He made himself when he refused the bribe of the Abnoy to convict Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona. He also cannot deny that his position as Committee Chairman of the Senate Committee on local governments under whose jurisdiction the investigation and further study of the framed BBL falls squarely, is most auspicious .

      If Sen. Marcos cannot recognize the unseen hand of his Destiny, I and a great number of faith believers can. Nothing ever happens by chance. Everything in creation is purposive. It’s time he accepts and comes to grips with the call of his future.

      • Amnata Pundit on

        Reading wise words combined with elegant prose feels like a walk in the wild and coming across the sight of a beautiful flower in full bloom. May I add, however, that we are living in a much more different and more dangerous time than what FM faced in 1965 or even 1971-72, or 1986. Today the world feels like one where the devil has been exposed just before he thinks he is about to reach his goal and is now on a rampage willing to cut down without compunction anybody and anything that gets in his way. Let us pray that God protect Bonget if he ever decides to embark on this perilous undertaking. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


      I beleive senator bbm should run instead as vice president coz he had a big chance to win than running for president. but either way, i will support sen bbm wherever he wants to run as VP or Pres of the Philippines. Mabuhay ka Sen BBM!!!

    28. Horacio B. Freires on

      I agree. .The hope of our nation to accelerate growth is in the hands of Bongbong. I am disappointed w/ the decades long non-performance of Aquino/Cojuangco administration. . Its a disaster. .This fact remains . . “No one can bribe Bongbong. .”

      • I personally agree. Go BongBong for President 2016! BongBong – Duterte or BongBong – Gibo is a good combination.

    29. Alejo Rosete on

      This is unsolicited advice to BongBongMarcos
      (from the “Vision of a Leader” – a Preacher)

      My advice – Take the Risk.
      We take care of the rest.


      Senator Marcos, I am one of the multitudes of Filipinos to encourage you to
      step up and decide to run. We believe in you for we do know that the Philippines
      was far better before than today. With you, we believe that the Philippines
      can be great again like your father. Please restore honesty, integrity, respect,
      fairness and justice for all. I join my fellow countrymen to pledge our support to you.

    31. RONAN LIWANEN on

      SAY YES PLEASE MR. BBM SAVE OUR COUNTRY. Save our people from Binay and Roxas. WE beg you to PLEASE run for president.

    32. P.Akialamiro on

      As a lifetime student of politics. “cogent” is the appropriate word for BBM’s case. Sans BBM, I will be adamant to vote for a candidate for President, for the first time.

      VP Binay has a lot to explain with all the accusations against him. He has to clear his his name. DILG Roxas has a ‘heavt’ baggage as he is one hannging on to the coattail of BS Aquino; he cannot be a leader (his chance is gone); Poe has only the popularity, but no appropriate qualification and “inexperienced” at that.
      Her shelving of the Mamasapano hearing shows her weakness and indecision.She cannot lead.

      BBM, as he stated, being a Marcos is a blessing and not a curse. True, because he had no choice of his parents. On the other hand, he has the genes of a leader, a statesman who goes for the common good and, of course, the track record of one who can lead having been a Congressman, Governor and now Senator.

      He has the base votes of the ‘solid’ north, the dual citizen voters from all over the world, particularly, Hawaii, family leaders in the Visayas and a recognized genuine concern for Mindanao by virtue of his investigations re the BBL. These, and other acts wherein he has shown his integrity like in the DAP bribe he did not accept during the former CJ impeachment, etc.

      Finally, he will be the only candidate for President with “charisma”, or the “it”, not to mention his good-looking wife and sons, who will compose of an ideal 1st family of the Philippines, which will make people proud, especially those who are abroad.

      Right on, BBM.

      P.S. He will be an effective President if he will have this well-rounded columnist and Kit Tatad for Advisers, personal or official.

    33. Felimon A. Soria on

      I believe Sen. Marcos is a good man and probably be a good president. The problem I think is the mother. A lot of people can not forgive and forget her.

    34. Roldan Guerrero on

      Undoubtedly there is only one man who has the vision to make this country great again, Its BONGBONG MARCOS and no other else. BINAY is too old to become president, besides facing corruption allegations and charges he refuses to answer. He cant defend himself by just 3 stoges, how much more to a common tao? Mar Roxas is an accomplish of a hypocrite and hiding corrupt president, who will surely face indictment of his DAP.PDAF and BUB mishandling. Would anybody turn stupid either of the two to become President?

    35. and i will vote for this man without any reservations. his father was a good president until his wife imelda got greedy and influenced him the wrong way. bong bong marcos will be a better president because he is neither greedy nor can he be bought.

    36. jesus nazario on

      Go, go, go BBM, the BBL nemesis ! Be a fresh dish naman to the stale morsels being offered to us by the administration and the supposed opposition. Pair up with Digong if possible.

    37. i Yen, I second the Motion, he should say
      yes, anyway Filipino voters will decide and will vote.