Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned


■ I made some bad judgments in the past, choosing business partners. In 2009, I was ripped off by someone I trusted very much – I lost my savings investments and stock shares.

■ You see, I’m always looking at the best side of people. Unfortunately, some people are not that honest or straightforward.

■ I was angry…disappointed in my business partner. I thought of going after him, but decided not to. I chose to move on, but I know I’ll be carrying that experience with me the the rest of my life.

■ When you had kids still in school like I did at the time, you would do anything to keep them there. I know I did.

■ But I think I’m more localized now. I’ve tried to scale back and try to be more sensitive to each and everyone. I really try to listen to them.


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