‘Mistrust spawns Mindanao conflict’


Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Cardinal Quevedo expressed his desire to be the “Cardinal of Peace” in Mindanao, as he cited that “mutual mistrust” that creates all the misinformation is the root of all conflict in the Southern Region.

However, he clarified that he will be working for peace in Mindanao, but only “behind the curtain.

“When they say ‘Cardinal [of]Peace,’ I am not in front. I am behind. I am behind the curtain . . . [both sides]would consult me, but my name does not appear . . . I want to work for peace, yes, but not in the forefront. I want to stay in the background,” Quevedo said during a conference he gave at the Collegio Fillipino in Rome on February 23.

He explained that the fear between the Christian people and the Muslims cause misunderstanding and mistrust in Mindanao.

To create peace between Muslims and Christians, the newly installed Cardinal will put to work three levels to create a positive response from both parties.

Among these levels are the dialogues of life, sharing of religious experiences and the theological discussions.

Their discussion would overarch such varied topics as creation, environment, and climate change involving Protestant bishops and pastors, the Catholic bishops of Mindanao, and the imams and Muslim scholars, Quevedo said.


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