• Misuari escapes


    Dear Sir,
    We’re from Zamboanga and we heard on the radio that Nur Misuari has left Zamboanga on the way to Sulawesi. His escape only proves one thing – that he is guilty of perpetrating the Zamboanga attack. He has not only escaped the law but the anger of Zamboangueños who are raring to go after him. He has fled to escape persecution not only from the government, the military, the police, but moreso the people who regard him as a monster and a killer. He has become a fugitive because of his own doing.

    We are glad that he has gone somewhere far from us, so he could do no more harm, and because he will be unable to reorganize his forces again and sow terror once more. How guilty Misuari is can be seen in this recent action of his. He is probably as worried and maybe shivering in fear. He is a coward who refuses to face what he has done. Zamboanga is happy with this recent development. All of us do not want to see his face or those of his cohorts again. Good riddance to Mr. Nur Misuari.

    Alice S. Salido
    Calarian, Zamboanga


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