• Misuari meets with 2,000 MNLF fighters


    IN YET another show of force, some 2,000 members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) joined a leadership assembly in Indanan, Sulu, in southern Mindanao presided by its elusive chairman Nur Misuari on Sunday.

    The whole-day assembly, according to Brig. Gen. Alan Arrojado, commander of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Joint Task Group Sulu, was held at the residence of Misuari in Camp Astana Sitio Bakud, Barangay Kagay in Indanan.

    It was attended by representatives of state chairmen of different state revolutionary committees of the MNLF over Mindanao, unit commanders of the MNLF-Bangsamoro Armed Forces (MNLF-BAF), members of the parliament of the MNLF central committee, district commanders of peace zones and religious leaders (Ulama).

    Based on information received by the military, the agenda of the meeting was focused on results of a tripartite review conducted at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for their continuous claim for implementation of the 1996 final peace agreement and the MNLF’s struggle for their own version of Bangsamoro independence in Mindanao.

    “Moreover, among the highlights of the meeting was the declaration of the new designated vice chairman of the MNLF central committee in the person of the eldest son of the founding chairman, Hadji Uto Karim Misuari, in his late 30s, [holder of master’s degrees]in Arabic and Shariah in Libya. The designation of the younger Misuari was due to the resignation of the temporary vice chairman Orlando R. Olamit from Davao due to [his]health condition,” Arrojado said.

    He added that there was no mention of any future hostile actions from the MNLF leadership particularly on another Zamboanga siege.

    The MNLF, the military official said, is concentrating on reorganization.

    It is also celebrating, Arrojado added, non-passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), which is favorable to the MNLF as it supposedly opens the door to implementation of the 1996 final peace agreement.


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    1. Nur Misuari is a trouble maker . To our military , watch out , do not believe what the government is assuring us. These guys are traitors. Look at Zamboanga siege which left thousands of Muslim homeless. These was spearheaded by Misuari and the MNLF.look at Mamasapano , killing the 44 without mercy even tho there was a ceasefire order from the peace panel.