• Mitsubishi ASX helps snowboarder break World Record


    D1---Mitsubishi-Record20160216Britain’s fastest snowboarder, Jamie Barrow, and the Mitsubishi ASX returned to the frozen lake of Saint Moritz, Switzerland with the purpose to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed on a snowboard towed by a vehicle.

    Mitsubishi Motors supported Jamie with his ‘Adventure Advanced’ journey, providing him with the perfect vehicle – a 2.2-liter ASX 4. The smart and efficient compact crossover, with four-wheel-drive capability, Mitsubishi Active Stability Traction Control and a top five-star Euro NCAP rating for safety was an integral part of the stunt.

    Being on a frozen lake, safety and preparation were a major factor when planning the project. The track was fenced off and piste bashers groomed the snow especially for the Guinness World Record attempt.

    Strict criteria had to be met for the Guinness World Record officials, including completing a run in both directions with recording equipment to be set at 100 meters apart by an official. With 200 meters needed either side so that the Mitsubishi ASX could accelerate and slow down safely on the snow, a total run of approximately 500 meters was prepared.

    On the morning of January 28, Barrow prepared for the stunt and inspected the conditions; the piste bashed track was bumpy and the snow was soft. These were not ideal conditions but Barrow felt comfortable on the warm up lap and confident that he could beat the record, which he managed to do on his first attempt.

    The very first run was recorded at 100.840 kilometers per hour, but because the criteria for the Guinness World Record states that two runs, one in both directions, has to be recorded, the return run back was recorded at 98.901 kph. With both runs averaged, it gives the Guinness World record speed of 99.871 kph.

    “I’m ecstatic at beating the record! I do think though that I could’ve easily handled going a lot faster if it wasn’t for the soft snow due to unseasonably mild weather. I’m really looking forward to returning and attempting to beat my own record with the Mitsubishi ASX when there are more favorable weather conditions!” Jamie said after the feat.

    “We are delighted to be supporting Jamie in this way. What he has achieved is truly remarkable and perfectly encapsulates Mitsubishi’s ASX ‘Adventure Advanced’ message, seeing amazing individuals taking on amazing challenges,” said Stewart McKee of Mitsubishi Motors UK.


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