Mitsubishi Strada is the driving force in UK Motorsport Center


E3---Mitsu2220160126PROVING its world-class performance and dependability, the all-new Mitsubishi Strada has been chosen as the vehicle of choice to become the workhouse of a well-known motorsport center in the United Kingdom.

The Blyton Park Driving Center, near Gainsborough in the UK, has selected the Mitsubishi Strada (L200) pickup truck to be the venue’s ‘workhorse’ on a four-year contract-hire basis.

The 300-acre driving center, which was built five years ago, has a number of circuits for motorsports, karting, driving experiences and sprints plus track days for cars and bikes. “We’re the busiest track day circuit in the UK, so the (Strada) L200 will certainly be earning its keep!” said Blyton Park owner and managing director Richard Usher.

“It’ll be used for a whole variety of tasks. For example, as our response vehicle it’ll be carrying fire extinguishers, towing equipment and so on, and it’ll be used if there’s an accident, or for going out to fields where errant cars have strayed, or where there have been oil spillages – all sorts, really.”

“It drives very nicely and is very comfortable, and I’m confident that it will provide sterling service,” Usher added.

The rugged Strada (L200) is the market-leading go-anywhere pick-up, and the new Series 5 was named Best Pick-Up 2015 last July by judges at Auto Express ahead of its UK launch later that month, where it received widespread praise from the motoring press. In December 2015, it received more accolades when it was named Pick-up of the Year and Light Commercial Vehicle of the Year at the What Van? Awards.

The Strada (L200 Series 5) has inherited the DNA of its predecessors and taken the pick-up concept even further. It is an entirely new vehicle from the ground up and has benefited from significant improvements in 330 areas. The result is the ultimate vehicle for commercial duty, combined with SUV-like refinement in quality and dynamic performance. In all key areas the new Strada (L200 Series 5_ is outstanding. These include fuel efficiency, performance, emissions and maneuverability plus combined carrying and towing. What’s more, it’s also the only pick-up that can be driven permanently in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive on tarmac and off road.

The Strada (L200 Series 5) is more fuel-efficient than before, with a combined 42.9mpg, and emits just 169g of CO2 per kilometer. What’s more, it has a turning radius of just 5.9 meters and can carry and tow a combined 4.1 tons. And with its leather interior and clean dashboard layout, it’s even been likened to a premium, executive motor more than a pick-up.

“We’re delighted that Blyton Park selected a Mitsubishi product and that they chose to fund it via contract hire. The Strada (L200) is the perfect vehicle for their needs and will do a fine job, and the fact that they’ve gone with contract hire demonstrates the competitiveness and excellent value for money of Mitsubishi Contract Motoring,” said Nunns dealer principal Jeremy Griffiths.


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