• Mitzi Borromeo set to explore the digital world


    Hers was the face that greeted viewers of CNN Philippines at nine o’clock every night as “Newsroom” anchor for almost three years. On January 31, however, award-winning news presenter Mitzi Borromeo signed off from the program, now finally revealing the reason why.

    “I signed off to return to my roots in documentary-making,” she excitedly shared.

    Unbeknownst to many, the 40-year-old has been in the news business for 19 years, during which time she gained extensive experience beyond anchoring on TV.

    At 40 years old, Mitzi Borromeo goes back to documentaries

    She started out in 1999 with the Sarimanok News Channel (now ANC) in various capacities as as presenter, writer, segment- and eventually, executive producer thereafter. She later worked for National Geographic Channel Philippines and Solar News TV before joining CNN Philippines.

    After doing the rounds, Borromeo said she suddenly felt the need to go back to storytelling with her Gawad Tanglaw and Golden Dove Best Newscast awards for Newsroom and Best Newscaster trophies as her inspirations.

    To be sure, Borromeo has already had her fair share of long-form storytelling via the weekly current affairs “Profiles,” which also received the Golden Dove Awards for Best TV Magazine Program.

    “I am proud of Profiles because we immerse deeper in the lives of inspiring people, institutions or places to learn about their journey and contributions in building a better nation,” said Borromeo who is also the program’s writer and producer.

    The broadcast journalist is at the cusp of realizing longtime concept for a show titled ‘Digi Pinoy’

    Besides Profiles, however, Borromeo is at the cusp of realizing longtime concept for a show she has titled “Digi Pinoy,” which will serve as CNN Philippines’ very first digital series. It will explore how information technology is changing the Filipino way of life.

    “I’ve had the idea for quite some time and when I talked to management about wanting to pursue other things, I raised the idea of Digi Pinoy,” Borromeo intimated.

    She believes the concept comes at a perfect time when Filipinos are relying more and more on technology.

    “It can touch almost everything aspect of life now that involves or or made easier with gadgets. There’s even the whole phenomenon of families kept closer despite being far away from each other through like Skype and FaceTime. The digital age can also be about education, sports, fitness and travel so there’s a lot we can discuss,” Borromeo enthused.

    “At the same time Digi Pinoy will prominently focus on how the digital world is shaping and transforming our lives.”

    For its first episode, which will premiere this March, Borromeo will explore dating in the digital age—how people can now meet through popular apps like Tinder and survive “long distance relationships” through Messenger and Viber.

    “We are not here, however, to judge how people use technology, be it in dating or other activities. Neither are we here to tell you what you ought to do. We are here to show what other people are doing and what experts have to say about them,” she clarified.

    To sum up her role as full-time story teller, the journalist shared, “The magical moments for me are in making connections with people and meeting minds. These broaden my understanding of the world through their lives and unique stories.

    “As such, I am very grateful and excited for the opportunity to do this further through Profile and Digi-Pinoy. I hope I can promote positive values through these shows and renew my audience’s faith in humanity,” Borromeo ended.


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