• MMA icon Aguilar says he wouldn’t bet on Pacquiao

    Manny Pacquiao

    Manny Pacquiao

    Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) founder and “Father of Philippine Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)” Alvin Aguilar believes Manny Pacquiao doesn’t have what it takes to beat American Timothy “The Desert Storm” Bradley.

    The 35-year-old Pacquiao (55-5-2 win-loss-draw card with 38 knockouts) and the 30-year-old Bradley (31-0 with 12 knockouts) will have a rematch on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    “I wouldn’t bet on him [Pacquiao] at all,” Aguilar told The Manila Times in a phone interview on Saturday. “Age and many distractions in his head are all disadvantages.”

    “A younger faster and focused fighter versus an older fighter with too many distractions in his head,” he added.

    Even though most boxing analysts, former and current world boxing champions have chosen Pacquiao to win convincingly, Aguilar insists that time has caught up with the former eighth weight division world title holder.

    “Father Time has come to Manny and at the same time, Bradley has only boxing in his mind while Pacquiao has too many other things on his mind,” added Aguilar. “A boxer who fights at that level professionally should have a clear mind and one focus.”

    “I wish this fight wouldn’t happen,” he said.

    Aguilar said Pacquiao’s unanimous win over Mexican-American Brandon Rios last November 23 wasn’t enough to prove that he still has the killer instinct.

    “If you are going to compare Rios to the reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion [Bradley], there is a big difference in all aspects and skill level, that’s why you just cannot use that as basis,” Aguilar said.

    He said Rios “wasn’t a credible opponent. He was just somebody place there to get Manny a win, so that his stock rises again.”

    Long time sportswriter and international boxing analyst Larry Merchant agreed that age is the deciding factor in his fight with Bradley.

    “Tim Bradley is a younger guy and he still thinks that he’s got stuff to prove, and that’s what makes Bradley who he is,” said Merchant to RingTV.com site recently. “Bradley wins every place that he goes. If there is any resistance, he wears you out. He’s a damn good fighter.”


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    1. It takes a boxer to comment on their rematch….FYI all those guys who fought manny where all elite fighters….much taller, bigger and heavier like rios and they are all beaten….on marquez4 that was purely a lucky punch, pag hndi lng nsingitan c manny at umakyat p sila ng hanggang rd.8. Marquez is already done and that’s for sure…as a boxer your using different style to whom you r fighting with…as for Bradley he will be beaten up again by manny for the second time around…for you Aguilar as a father of what?… I do respect your opinion but like I said it takes a boxer to
      comment on this figth…..hndi MMA figter……if your a good boxer surely you”ll be a good MMA figter as well…kasi yun ang basic ….gets mo?

    2. Aguilar’s opinion is not credible because He is a MMA fighter not a boxer and not even a boxing analyst.He doesn’t know what is boxing, His mind is focus on MMA.

    3. Yes we all know that manny paquiao is the best and the best pound for pound in the worlds than ever after. they are thinking they are the best but if you are know what is the life of paquiao now he is still standing infront of all fighters in the rings. And nobody leave longest carrier in his life as one of the top BOXER and ever saw in this spectacular move fast and fast and hard pounce. And nobody can make and do what is the standing of Manny Paquiao now. Dont Forget to think that he is the 10 times worlds CHAMPION AND MORE DIVISION THAT CHALLENGING IN HIS CARRIER. NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY CAN MAKE THAT STANDING EXCEPT MANNY PACQUIAO. I AM PROUD YOU MANNY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND GOD BLESS TO YOU….

    4. Manny is still the no.1 pound 4 pound….. he’s the best… in the world of boxing…
      Long live the pacman…..

    5. Diomedes jr. cabodil ganial on

      the fight is approaching,wait for the result before we make t0o much blah blah blah….age doesn’t matter …..

    6. Aguilar doesnt know about boxing. Pacquiao is fighting twice in a year and you can probably tell if hes slowing down. if he really slows down in Rios fight why Rios cant chase him. He cant even hit pacman. Pacman did not go for a kill cause Rios has a power to knock him out. That guy doesnt really know about boxing.

    7. We just wait and see about your own opinion. But, as I am a Manny Pacquiao fans, I bet on him. Pacquiao will Win by TKO.

    8. Look at the skill level mate. Bradley is younger & hungrier but Pacquiao is faster & more skillful. In a fight, age matters but style and skills makes the difference. Boxing is not the same as MMA where you are locking and bringing guys down to their feet which requires more strength and quickness. Minus the killer instinct, Manny can still win by a mile by his skills and agility in the ring which Bradley does not have. Bradley does not have a punching power either so you cant guarantee him to win by TKO but only on points. Manny still have it takes to clearly win this fight.


      • nilo malinana on

        you are wrong…pacquiao evolves now as a technical boxer. his win vs rios is a proof of that. rios got involved in performanced drug thats why he was not knowdown. besides, like arum said, people got a misconception of pacquiao power when he knowdown haton. pacquiao really has no knowdout power. its by coincidence hatton was down because his chin is weak. normally, pacman tear down his opponent by a barrage of punches, then at the later round, with just 1 straight lefth hook, his opponent will be down. pacman is still good for 3 years…he will knock down bradley. what happened to marques fight is just a lucky punch. he beecame careless

    10. you’re opinion is well respected, but in reality as the saying goes a lion doesn’t worry about the opinion of a sheep! Bradley knew he lost to Pacquiao the first time heck even Steve Wonder saw it for Pacquiao! probably in 2 to 3 years Manny should retire but fornow he’s still up there, and without distraction from people he’s still the best pound for pound

    11. very funny article!!..who thinks bradley has a chance winning this fight, he already beat bradley”s ass in their first meeting fyi…

    12. you people seem to forget what happened to their first fight, same younger bradley that mp put to school…so what is the logic in comparing bout the age??..mp will sure beat bradley like what happened in their first fight…period..