MMDA chief not keen on proposed Metro Manila governor




Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino has little enthusiasm for the proposal of an elected governor for Metro Manila.

Tolentino said the post will only be “politicized” since it will be elective in nature.

Roberto Pagdanganan, chairman of the National Center for Commuters’ Safety and Protection (NCCSP) floated the idea of a Manila Manila governor as a way of solving the worsening traffic condition.

Pagdanganan said that under the present set-up, there is poor coordination between Metro Manila municipalities.

He cited the controversial bus ban implemented only by the City of Manila which was opposed and criticized by other local governments.

The Metro Manila governor will have better management control over such issues as traffic, flooding, solid waste management and urban planning.

In justifying his proposal, Pagdanganan said the traffic problem needs a holistic approach.

But Tolentino said this will only create more confusion and problems since the  responsibility of  solving Metro Manila problems will be politicized.

Even Malacañang has turned down the proposal, saying the metropolis’ problems can be handled by the MMDA.




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