• MMDA collects 336 tons of garbage from Black Nazarene procession


    The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has collected a total of 28 truckloads or about 336 tons of garbage left behind by millions of devotees who took part on Thursday’s Traslacion of the Black Nazarene in Manila’s Quiapo district.

    In a interview, Francis Martinez, head of the MMDA’s Metro Parkway Clearing Group, said the trash collected were composed mainly of plastic food wrappers, empty mineral water bottles and barbecue sticks.

    During the procession, Martinez said they already collected 23 truckloads of trash or about 276 tons.

    As of Friday, he said five truckloads were collected in Quiapo with the operation still on going.

    Martinez said among the collected waste materials are plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, styrofor, and some spoiled food.

    He said the garbage were hauled to Pier 18 in Manila through their coordination with the city government.

    Martinez said the clearing operation was quite efficient as the MMDA personnel followed the main bulk of the procession and collected thrash on Thursday.

    “We begin clearing as soon as the procession moves along. The dump truck is also nearby,” he said.

    Martinez added that a fire truck sprayed water on the procession route to clean and remove the stench.

    On Thursday, Martinez said the MMDA deployed 2,000 personnel for the Traslacion. These included street sweepers, traffic enforcers and emergency paramedics. PNA


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