MMDA enforcer dragged by speeding motorist dies


THE traffic enforcer who was hit and dragged by a motorist he had accosted died on Tuesday afternoon, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairperson Francis Tolentino said.

Tolentino rushed to the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City upon hearing of the death of Sonny Acosta.

The MMDA chief assured Acosta’s family that the agency will provide legal assistance and will pay all the hospital expenses.

Acosta had been in critical condition since he sustained severe head injuries after being hit by the driver of an Isuzu Sportivo whom he flagged down for being on the lane designated for provincial buses in Cubao, Quezon City, on December 19.

He asked for the motorist’s license, but the driver, identified as Mark Ian Libunao, sped off even if Acosta’s hand was still in the car’s window. He was dragged.

The Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges of reckless imprudence resulting in serious physical injuries and driving with an expired driver’s license against Libunao.


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  1. This should serve as a lesson to all traffic enforcers that they should never ever put any part of their body inside any motorist’s vehicle. They should wait for the driver to give their license instead of putting their hand inside a motorist’s vehicle and forcibly take the driver’s license.

    • Your correct MC RESPECT ARE MUTUAL. In Canada, traffic enforcers are not allowed to put any part of their body inside a motorist’s vehicle as it is an extension of the house of the motorists, the enforces need a warrant to search the vehicle or the motorists have committed a continuing crime. I’m sure, as a lawyer and well traveled, MMDA Chair Tolentino knows about this and teach their enforcers like the airport enforcer who broke the window glass of a taxi, Constable Adriatico who took the picture of driver Ingco by putting his cellphone inside Ingco’s Mesaratti and the death of Constable Sonny Acosta who tried to get the driver’s license inside the AUV which results to his death would not have happened.
      Chair Tolentino , NAIA Gen. Manager Honrado and CHPG who always put their hands inside the motorists vehicle might be assumed “HUMIHINGI NG KOTONG. MMDA CHAIR KUYA FRANCIS if you want motorists to respect your constable, teach your CONSTABLES to respect the motorists FIRST. Respect is mutual. Di Ba Sirs?