• MMDA enhances ‘no contact apprehension’


    The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Monday said it will focus its personnel to traffic management and prevention as it beefs up implementation of the “no contact apprehension” policy (NCAP). Jojo Garcia, acting MMDA general manager, said enforcers will be strategically positioned near or before intersections and problematic areas to help improve traffic flow along major thoroughfares in Metro Manila. Garcia was reacting to queries why enforcers are usually positioned in u-turn slots and turning points of traffic. The enforcers can still flag down erring motorists where there are no CCTVs to monitor violations, he said. The MMDA launched NCAP in November 2017, utilizing a series of CCTVs in catching traffic violators. Aside from being an effective tool in catching erring motorists, the NCAP lessens opportunities for corruption, bribery and confrontation between the motorist and traffic enforcer, he added. Based on the Metrobase’s data, the NCAP has recorded over 100,000 traffic violations from December 2017 up to February 2018. Some traffic enforcers are also equipped with body cameras and handheld cameras that take video clips of motorists committing moving violations. Under the policy, motorists caught violating a traffic rule receives summon, containing the screen grab of the violation, vehicle’s plate number and other details. Motorists are given seven days to contest the violation with the MMDA’s traffic adjudication board or pay the fine.


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