MMDA ‘No-contact’ policy starts Friday


THE Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced that the re-enforcement of the “no-contact apprehension” policy to catch erring motorists via closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras will take effect on Friday. MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos said traffic violators will be sent notices specifying the date, time, location and infraction committed. They also have the right to contest the same before the MMDA-Traffic Adjudication Division (TAD) within seven days upon receipt of the summons. If the Motion for Reconsideration is denied, they may file an appeal before the Office of the Chairman, where the decision shall be final and executory. Upon lapse of the seven-day period to contest the violation, the MMDA will send the final notice to the motorist. Failure to pay the fine upon final notice, the MMDA will include the vehicle’s license number in the “alarm list” to be forwarded to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).


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    • Exactly! Another money making ruse as no one, especially motorists who live outside Metro Manila will receive any notices till months after they’ve expired. no doubt will have to pay fines, interest,etc on the outstanding amounts. Will they also lose they’re license?

    • mukhang hindi pinagisipan mabuti itong gimmick na ito. kinonsulta kaya ng mmda ang philpost kung do-able ang delivery ng summons?? kung nasa edsa ka going makati, at gusto mong kumain sa kamayan sigurado huli ka kung may cctv malapit duon. may un broken white o yellow lane duon. paano ka pupunta sa kamayan ng hindi ka papasok sa unbroken lane??? maraming sasabit na motorista dito. isa pang tanong, kung ipatupad ito, meron bang sapat na tauhan at lugar na nakahanda ang mmda para sa mga narereklamo o pipila ang mga tao ng matagal katulad ng pagpila sa mrt??