• MMDA rolls out traffic management school


    Congested roads, traffic moving at a snail’s pace or even stopping to a standstill.
    These are just some of the day-to-day situations faced by motorists and even traffic enforcers in Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares especially along Epianio de los Santos Avenue (Edsa).

    Added to these problems are undisciplined public utility vehicle (PUV) and private car drivers blatantly disregarding traffic signs and traffic lights.

    According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), these motorists are so brazen in violating traffic laws.

    “Traffic has become a social malaise affecting our people’s productivity and the efficient delivery of goods and services in the country,” the MMDA said on Friday.

    But more than the benefits from innovative traffic schemes that have been put in place, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino is engaging in an all-out effort to enforce traffic rules and restore order on the road.

    To educate and train traffic enforcers and motorists thoroughly, the MMDA is launching its Institute of Traffic Management (ITM) on Monday.

    Tolentino said the ITM shall be the premier educational institution for training and continuing education of all traffic management personnel, traffic law enforcers and traffic accident investigators of both local and national government agencies.

    “This may be a long-term war against the negative driving habits of some of our countrymen, but I believe that the ITM will eventually be a school of hope, inspiration and pride,” he added.

    The ITM, according to Tolentino, shall have the authority to grant degrees and issue certificates of training competency to government and non-government personnel involved in traffic management, traffic law enforcement and traffic accident investigations and have successfully completed training programs and courses.

    It also intends to exact compliance among motorists through the establishment of a more efficient and effective traffic enforcement systems and agencies link-up while improving the integrity of MMDA and local traffic enforcers.


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    1. Will MMDA finally wake up? I can’t believe it. Better late than never.
      I think it’s useless to start this ITM while the present traffic situation. It will not help. This is no matter of a few weeks or months. No – this will take years.

      It’s OK that MMDA knows which the perpetrators of the traffic problems are and I’m happy that the PUVs were mentioned. Solving this problems are not easy and cannot be done while a few weeks or months. Here every responsible authority must work hand in hand, and this is where the first problems will start.

      But with a few easy (for me) steps for example, you can stop the blocking of intersections.
      1. Remove the timers. The most Filipinos are not ready for this. They use it as a count down or to speed up before red light.
      2. Remove the second traffic light after the intersection, like in the most civilized countries. The drivers will be forced to stop in front of the remaining traffic light and will not block the intersection.

      MMDA/LTO should also take care of the PUVs, esp. the jeepneys. I guess that 50% of the drivers have no valid license. Many jeepneys are parked along the main roads, often side by side and produce bottle necks. But it would be enough, when LTO/MMDA eliminate the technical wrecks which risks the life of their passengers day by day. This is a full time job.

      There are many things to do and not only EDSA is the problem. The authorities missed to eliminate the problems in their roots. Now it’s double difficult to restore the proper discipline and order. As long there is nobody who will make the first step; the situation will become more worse.

    2. YES! YES! YES!
      Please include the 4-way stop system, rather than the present finishing all cars off before letting the cross traffic go thru.