• MMDA seizes more ‘colorum’ buses in metro


    THE Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) impounded more colorum passenger buses as part of their “Oplan Goliath.”

    MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino on Sunday said that the crackdown against colorum and out-of-line public utility vehicles (PUVs) continues as the agency already apprehended and impounded some 74 buses since the project was launched in July.

    “Most of them [the buses]were out-of-line and had duplicate plate numbers,” Tolentino said, referring to the practice of some erring bus operators wherein a valid yellow license plate is illegally duplicated and used by other buses.

    According to MMDA, colorum and out-of-line buses traversing EDSA ranged from 500 to 1,000, with some of these vehicles still “brand new.”

    Both Tolentino and LTFRB Chairman Winson Ginez vowed to intensify the drive against colorum passenger buses in Metro Manila. Offenders will be slapped with a P6,000 fine and suspension of the driver’s license for the first and second offenses, respectively. However, the license shall be revoked for the third offense.

    The MMDA said the intensified drive against illegal vehicles would help ease traffic congestion along the metropolis’ major thoroughfares, particularly along EDSA.


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    1. This MMDA chairman should stop issuing press releases that makes him appear that he has been very effective in his job as MMDA head because in reality, he is incompetent in solving traffic, garbage, sidewalk and road obstructions problems in the Metro. He has wasted millions of taxpayers money to various programs and that did not even work like the bus tagging scheme, the bike lanes, the anti smoking campaign, the 24 hour traffic enforcers, anti littering, the driver against buses engage in trip cutting the A and B bus stops, bus ban along underpasses and flyover along Edsa and traffic management.

      Tolentino has been wasting the taxpayers money for more than three years and nobody seems to care. Street vendors continuous to flourish along Metro’s sidewalks, overpasses and underpasses. Why is the media silent on TOLENTINO’S shortcomings?