MMDA starts estero clean-up to fight mosquito swarm




To fight the swarm of mosquitoes in some parts of Metro Manila, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will start cleaning esteros and creeks in the metropolis.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said the “Estero Blitz” will start in Navotas City next month and is expected to last until May.

Under the project, MMDA personnel will clear waterways of garbage and fumigate areas infested by mosquitoes.

Tolentino said they will also convince the Department of Health (DOH) to participate  in the project.

“We will try to convince the DOH and health officers to get involved in the project so that they will help in defogging our creeks which became the breeding ground of mosquitoes,” he told the MMDA’s weekly radio program.

Tolentino also blamed informal settler families, who had built their homes on the creeks and rivers and turned them into dumps.

Emma Quiambao, director of the MMDA’s Sewerage Management Office (SMO), urged the informal settlers to take part in the campaign.

“If we are busy cleaning up esteros and creeks, they should also take part by voluntarily leaving their shanties,” Quiambao said.

Tolentino said local government units (LGUs) are the ones responsible in relocating squatters who live along waterways.

Residents in some parts of Metro Manila are complaining of a mosquito infestation in their area.

But the Department of Health Program Manager on Dengue and Emerging Infectious Diseases said these mosquitoes are nevertheless an indication of a lack of cleanliness in the infested areas.




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