In the light of the apparent protest action of some bus drivers in the Southwest Interim Transport Terminal, Vice Gov. Ramon Jolo Revilla of Cavite appealed to the leadership of the Metro Manila Development Authority to suspend temporarily its unified bus terminal scheme until the errors realized during the first few weeks of the operation are fully addressed. Problems such as the inappropriate size of the terminal and most importantly, the additional fare going from Metro Manila to the terminal and vice versa must be resolved first prior to the resumption of Integrated Transport System project. Rogelio Limpin


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    1. if you want to make it easier for the masses to comute to metro manila then you have to give buses right of way. Ban the cars from certain roads. A car can carry 5 persons a bus can carry 100 persons, so for each full bus you can get rid of 10,15 or 20 cars. Makes sense to me & lots of other countries do that. Also make bus only lanes & that will help them move more freely. By giving preference to buses so traffic will move easier & more people will use public transport. But its unfair to give priority to the few who can afford cars to the masses who cant. Then to make their travel longer & more expensive only goes to reinforce my belief that these government officials put themselves before the people.