MMFF: No irregularity in Filmfest fund use


DESCRIBING the complaint of the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) as baseless, the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) on Thursday denied that there is irregularity in the use of the Filmfest fund.

Marichu Maceda, spokesperson of the MMFF Executive Committee (Execom), maintained that all the funds of the MMFF, particularly the amusement tax collections, are intact and accounted for.

She added that the tax collections had been properly distributed to its intended beneficiaries.

“The MMFF Execom is mandated to allocate and remit to the designated beneficiaries the net proceeds of the amusement taxes after deducting all operational and incidental expenses of the MMFF. This is being complied with religiously every year,” Maceda said.

She cited the provisions of the Metro Manila Council (MMC) Executive Order 86-09 that established the MMDA’s operation and management of the annual movie festival.

Under the November 22, 2010 directive of the Office of the President, the bulk of the amusement tax proceeds goes to the Movie Workers Welfare Foundation Inc., which gets 50 percent; FAP, 20 percent; Motion Picture Anti-Piracy Council, 20 percent; Optical Media Board, five percent; and Film Development Council of the Philippines, 5 percent.


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