‘MMK’ airs Donaire story tonight


Tonight, ABS-CBN shines the spotlight on “The Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire Jr., as “MMK” features his inspiring life story.

Nonito Donaire

Nonito Donaire

Donaire’s childhood was mostly miserable. Besides being bullied because of being small, he also received beatings from a very strict grandfather growing up.

Unfortunately, life only got worse for the young Donaire when his father took the entire family to the United States. The bullying was crueler stateside, so much so that at age 11, his father convinced him to take up boxing for self defense.

From there, the bullied boy became a professional boxer at age 18, and eventually became a world champion.

Sam Concepcion plays the role of Donaire.

The episode is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and written by Benson Logronio.


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