• MMPC to phase out Adventure, L300 in 2017


    Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp., the country’s second-largest automotive seller, said it is set to phase out local production of its Adventure and L300 models starting next year.

    Last month, MMPC Vice President for business planning and public relations Renato Lampano, responding to a query from this reporter, estimated the production phaseout to begin in October. However, in a letter to The Manila Times later, the company said it needed to clarify that the phaseout would take place only next year.

    “We wish to clarify that MMPC will phase out the L300 and Adventure, two of Mitsubishi’s iconic brands in the Philippines, next year, not this year,” the letter signed by Lampano said.

    “As reported, we are replacing the L300 with the L200, currently being assembled in Thailand, and the Adventure with a still to be determined model, as the Philippines shifts to higher emission standards,” it added.

    Lampano also explained that the Philippines would require auto assemblers to produce only vehicles with engines that use Euro 4-compliant fuel by 2018. The L300 and the Adventure, which Lampano described as two of Mitsubishi’s most iconic models in the country, are only capable of using Euro 2 standard fuel.


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