• MNLF chief calls for unity


    Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) chairman Datu Abul Khayr Alonto called on all MNLF members to unite and support the Comprehensive Agreement for Bangsamoro (CAB) signed by the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) that seeks to end decades of war in Mindanao.

    Alonto, who was installed as MNLF chief when the group was reorganized in March this year, urged other factions to join his group and put a closure to the conflict in the South.

    “We’d like to call on all our MNLF brothers and sisters, in whatever breakaway group they may be, particularly in the Misuari faction and the Arroyo administration-sponsored Committee of 15, to stand in unity with the dominant and recognized, reconsolidated and revitalized MNLF at this crucial juncture of our history as a people,” Alonto said.

    The Committee of 15 is composed of MNLF leaders, among them former Cotabato City mayor Muslimin Sema, Hatimil Hassan of Basilan, and several others, who broke away from MNLF chairman Nur Misuary. The group declared a loss of confidence in Misuari’s leadership and took over the MNLF’s central committee.

    Alonto urged the other MNLF factions to forget the “mistakes” of the past.

    “Whatever mistakes were committed along the way, be they real or perceived, which will have its own due process, be taken as part of the long but seemingly endless journey,” he added.

    “We all have rendered sacrifice and service to the Bangsamoro dream. To quote from the wise, a Saint has a past and a Sinner has a future,” Alonto said.

    Followers of Misuari had questioned the CAB which was signed in Malacanang last month, saying the pact will not end the conflict in Mindanao.



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    1. My hope for all the people in Mindanao, by the recent signing of CAB will result in realizing their dreams and aspirations for general peace. I hope that all those who has the guns, will lay down their arms, or join the police to help the BANGSA MORO ENTETY, maintain peace and order. It is very important that peace prevails in the Moro land, so investment will flood the area, so people who needs a job, can get one. Good luck, and Godspeed.

    2. Masmabute kung kay Nur Misuari ka nalang maki-cooperate dahil siya ang tunay
      na MNLF Chairman. Si Nur ang kinikilalang Chairman in the Tripoli Agreement.

    3. Abolkhyr mas mabuti pa manahimik ka na lang pare para di tayo mabansagang L…p D..g hehehe