• MNLF men’s trial in Manila


    The arrival of 15 MNLF leaders either captured or surrendered to Manila to face charges, is a plus point to stop the continuing spread of MNLF violence even outside of Zamboanga.

    It is also good that these men, loyal to Nur Misuari and Habier Malik have found it in their hearts to surrender and answer for the damages they have caused Zamboangueños. Right now, they are better off in the custody of government authorities for they may take the ire of MNLF leaders like Misuari and we will never know what kind of justice Misuari will be meted on them as they have failed Misuari on his evil plans.

    More batches of MNLF men will be coming to face charges and they will be placed in different cells and jails in Metro Manila. We hope that other remaining MNLF will be captured or will surrender to finally put a period to the dark days of the Zamboanga siege.

    We also hope that those who have done grave harm to their fellowmen be punished and those with lesser offenses to be treated fairly as they may have only been unaware of what they were going to do in Zamboanga, other than joining the Peace Caravan led by Mr. Nur Misuari.

    We also hope for the speedy recovery of Zamboanga.
    Bernice S. Romual
    Zamora St., Tacloban City


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    1. They should be punished. They created havoc and inflicted damages on the lives and economy of the people of Zamboanga. not counting the lives wasted by these bastards.