• MOA for second Sual plant signed


    SUAL, Pangasinan: The establishment of a second power plant in Sual town will become a reality following the signing of a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between proponent Trans Asia Oil and Energy Development Corporation and the local government of Sual.

    The MOA for the 900-megawatt (MW) power plant was signed by Francisco Viray Jr., president and chief executive officer of Trans Asia Oil, and Mayor Roberto Llamas Arcinue on Friday at the municipal hall.

    It will be the second power plant to be located in Sual, the first being the Sual Coal-fired Thermal Plant located in Barangay Pangascasan with a capacity of 1,200 MW.

    The new power plant, also a coal-fired thermal plant, will be located in Barangay Baquioen, another coastal village.

    Viray was president of the National Power Corporation during the administration of President Fidel V. Ramos, who first came to Sual in 1993 to also ask the people to support the constuction of the 1,200-MW coal-fired power thermal plant now managed by Team Energy.

    Viray said the project will result in inclusive growth aside from giving tremendous economic benefits to the whole town and its people.

    He said one of the terms of the MOA is the offer of scholarship grants to deserving students of Sual at the University of Pangasinan, owned by Trans Asia Oil’s mother company Phinma.

    Viray said an Environmental Impact Assessment is now already being conducted, the result of which will be the basis for the issuance of Environment Clearance Certificate (ECC) by the DENR.

    The EIA has been temporarily stopped until the completion of a feasibility study.

    Arcinue said two pubic hearings were already held regarding the power plant, one in the town proper and another in Baquioen, and that all those who attended welcomed the coming in of Trans Asia Oil.

    Arcinue said the plant was an opportunity to help prevent a serious power crisis that may grip the nation by 2020.

    He said one of the provisions of the MOA is for the company to guarantee continuous and reliable power in Sual that will be cheaper than the rest of Pangasinan and the country.

    In addition, Trans Asia will give a grant of P110 million that will be spent by the municipality for education, environment, agriculture and the putting up of a municipal seaport that will benefit fishermen and their families.

    He said Barangay Baquioen is also assured of a grant of P10 million which it will use for various developmental projects.



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