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According to the Philippines Digital Marketing’s 2017 report, the Philippines is the third largest Southeast Asian country with “rapid internet penetration, extensive social media use, and digitalization.”

Not surprisingly, smartphones have now become the preferred device of most people to go online and go about their business. This is largely in part to the proliferation of more and more mobile apps that not only extends and further enhances one’s social media experience but also manage existing resources and turn unused items at home into extra cash.

Money Apps
Outside of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are numerous mobile apps that helps manage cash flow. For starters, budget tracking apps like Quick Money Recording, Money Coach, Mint, CoinKeeper, and many more can help in managing spending, budgets, earnings and savings.

Although most of these apps are set in U.S, dollars, there may be settings that will also allow for the input of monthly earnings in Philippine pesos. From the total earnings, it is now easier to plot the necessary spendings including how much should go to mortgage and how much can be allocated for expenses like food, gas, electricity, clothing, tuition, and the like.

The apps automatically deduct these items so the user will get a crystal clear picture of how much can be saved. It’s that simple. It’s that useful.

Selling apps
Recently, I went through my personal items and discovered many things, mostly designer bags, that I haven’t used for quite sometime.

I researched on a few apps that can help me sell some of the items and discovered Carousell. It was already popular with many users. Carousell did manage to help me turn a lot of my personal clutter into extra cash.

As I have to constantly check the app to answer inquiries about the items I posted, that was also an indication that the app really works.

Thanks to popular categories that include Luxury, Gadgets, Fashion, Photograly, Tickets and Vouchers, Books, Appliances, Sports and Gaming, I was also able to organize where I need to post the items I’m willing to dispose.

If Carousell or other popular e-commerce portals like eBay, OLX, and Lazada are too “mainstream” for comfort, there are many other similar apps like it that’s available in desktop as well as in mobile platforms like iOS and Android. These include Letgo, OfferUp, 5Miles, and Facebook Marketplace.

With these apps and their corresponding e-commerce sites, transactions now are more safe, secure and conducted in a much faster pace and personalized manner. Why conduct a physical garage sale in your own backyard when you can do it more easily on your smartphone where it can also be properly organized and categorized.

The author is a former broadsheet entertainment and lifestyle reporter and section editor for an entertainment magazine before crossing over to corporate and marketing PR.


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