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    So you quit your job, took the plunge and successfully set up your own small business. It’s one thing to finally pull that off but it’s an altogether different story to actually be able to see your business be up, running and thriving.

    Even if you have superb organizational skills or consider yourself an expert in the management of time, people andfinances, you could still use loads of help from some of the most practical apps out there that truly function like employees with specific roles contributing into a system that works for you.

    Is it really possible to have absolute control of your small business using only your smartphone?

    The short answer is yes. These apps are here to apply for job vacancies whatever startup you have going on at the moment. For those who are considering building his or her empire from the ground up, here are apps that can save you both time and manpower resources.

    For general productivity and organization, there’s Pocket: Save Stories for Later that lets you dump articles, links and videos you might need for reference later so there’s no need to copy links and paste them on a notes app.

    Pocket stacks your references neatly for easy read and access. If you don’t want to lose any of those flash-of-genius ideas, there’s Evernote or for the full benefits of a to-do list, there’s To:Day, Wunderlist and Any.do.
    Also extremely helpful are business card collecting apps like BCard Business Card Reader, Bric Business and Business Card Scanner. If you keep misplacing those darn cards which you usually can’t find when you really need them, these are some of the aps that will help you keep track of your professional contacts.

    Mobile business apps for iPhone

    For payments, PayPal and PayPal Business are commonly used with the latter having the following extra features: account management, tracking of sales, invoices, account activity, and sales trends over time. There’s also PayMaya which is essentially an instant prepaid Visa card that can be used anywhere in the world.

    If your business involves travel, Elk Travel Currency Converter should be handy. In an iOS article, Elk is described as “minimalistic and intuitive in design making currency conversion fast, easy and fun.” For an overall functional travel go-to organizer, there’s TripIt. All you need to do is forward travel confirmations to plans@tripit.com and the app instantly helps you create your itinerary. It has an offline mode so you can still access important details when there’s no internet access and features local transportation options so you don’t have to ask everything to locals particularly when you’re in a city where language is a barrier.

    Finally, for billing obligations that arrive at your desk or doorstep like clockwork no matter which time zone you’re in, there’s Bill Monitor and Bill Watch. Particularly beneficial during long trips abroad, both apps chart what you need to pay and remind you your due dates so you can track and make payments anywhere in the world.

    The author is a former broadsheet entertainment and lifestyle reporter and section editor for an entertainment magazine before crossing over to corporate and marketing PR.


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