Mobile coffee shop serves up cups for coffee farmers’ fund


People often find the will to achieve a measure of productivity in a steady whiff of freshly ground coffee—at times, even find delight in it. True, coffee has been known to spark desire, invigorate, and warm hearts, but does it have the potential to do more?

For coffee solutions provider Henry & Sons, coffee can stand as a currency that can be harnessed to champion sustainability, and ultimately, help our country re-gain its stand in the global coffee spotlight. For this company, coffee can help welcome a sense of meaning in our day-to-day lives.

How so? Through its new social enterprise, called The Giving Caravan. Meant to support the company’s advocacy arm, the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence (FSCE), TGC has launched platforms crafted to bring an outpouring of love, and delight people with the gift of indulgence, the kind that sends out ripples of kindness through the support of the foundation’s heartfelt initiatives.

The Giving Caravan is a roving cafe that gives free cups of coffee around the city

“We worked hard in finding out ways to get more people on-board in helping us achieve our foundation’s goals. The Giving Caravan was born out of that—and with it are a slew of replicable platforms designed to carry out our mission,” shares social entrepreneur, coffee explorer and innovator Michael Harris Conlin. He is FSCE director and Henry & Sons president and CEO.

The Giving Caravan is a roving vintage Volkswagen café that started giving free cups of coffee in the streets of BGC early this year. The caravan is where people can sample Henry & Sons’ Bloom Coffee range, a series of specialty coffee crafted to fund programs that make coffee farmers’ lives easier. The two other platforms of TGC are The Giving Café and The Giving Cart, which will be launched later this year.

Each Bloom Coffee benefits a specific FSCE project: The Giving Well is for giving farming communities atmospheric water generators that give them access to clean and potable water; Beans for Little Ones help provide mosquito nets and vaccines for basic health care of the farmer’s children; Cup to Seed helps fund livelihood programs in between harvests; Coffee for Great Minds is for giving out educational assistance to those in need; and lastly, Beans within Reach help launch activities that connect farmers to local and global buyers.

“By giving people a taste of kindness, we are hoping to inspire them toshare kindness and give back in return,” ends Conlin.

The coffee caravan continues to travel through Metro Manila with schedules posted at


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