Mocha Uson in a different light



Speculations went wild when Mocha Uson moved out of her post as member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). Some have alleged that when she sneezed on an issue at her home ground she would turn the table upside down and the whole dispute would be reduced to a mere trifle showbiz fodder.

At the MTRCB, Mocha was in a way going against the boxed-in mindset of the remaining board members from the past administration who refuse to know the meaning of the word “co-terminus.”

Call it a distasteful clinging act in the midst of President Duterte’s call for delicadeza and “noblesse oblige” to jumpstart the notion of public service on a clean slate.

Did she walk out on the MTRCB to become assistant to Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar?

From Caveat’s knowledge of Management 101, Mocha was merely “kicked up” all to the good of the present dispensation. Her metier as social media maven makes for a dramatic communicative face to address in sincere terms general and nebulous issues of governance easily digestible to the laymen.

Invoking public service above all through social media, she describes her present position as draining, tough, challenging, and nonetheless rewarding on all counts. It’s far different as she gets to face-off with constituents from different government agencies and ordinary people to help them with their concerns.

To date she has listened up to the pressing concerns of OFWs in Russia the last time she was in the entourage of Pres. Duterte. In the war-torn Marawi she discovered the value of entertainment as therapy in helping inhabitants and soldiers recover from trauma caused by the war.

The downside of her present position as she relates is getting less rest and sleep, but does not mind it at all. Her intent to measure up to the challenge makes up for the sacrifices acting up on her much like uppers of endorphin or adrenalin on a daily basis.

About the bashing she gets on different media platforms, the outspoken erstwhile sexy star-dancer thinks that the bashed and the bashers, detractors and the subject of ridicule co-exist with a purpose and intent to be heard as well, however trifling ruinous they can get at times.

Depending on how their contentions are filtered, they can be taken on their own terms as highly opinionated vanguards or kibitzers of murky social and political issues, thus adding to the stature of one “hitik sa bunga kaya pinupukol” but keeps one on guard all the time.

Mocha discloses that the level of her detractors at the moment has evolved from just showbiz to those who profess to be working in the same direction to communicate liberating, unbiased information to the public. Who should define fake news then?


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