• Mocha Uson to donate MTRCB wage to Duterte’s Kitchen



    Straight from her oath taking in Malacañang on Monday, newly appointed member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Mocha Uson made a stop at Cristy Ferminute before heading to her appearance on TV5’s Reaksyon

    Accompanied by her ubiquitous manager, the afternoon radio program opened with the incidental in-studio guest wearing an all-black smart casual ensemble—with matching ankle-high boots—her attire for the supposedly formal occasion.

    Prior to her appointment, Mocha had stirred public furor (as well as fury?) not over her credentials—for she finished Medical Technology and had units in Medicine—but because of her not-so-distant past as a live entertainer. Her wanting to curb “soft porn” on TV once her appointment became official, to most people is a classic example of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

    “I don’t deny the fact that I did or my group [Mocha Girls] used to do sexy shows. But it was seven years ago,” she commented when asked about her photos now circulating on social media (spawned by what she termed as her “haters”) while cavorting with some male audience on stage.

    To prove that she could handle the job well, Mocha remarked, “The Mocha Uson you knew before is different from the Mocha Uson now. We all change for the better, don’t we? And don’t I deserve a chance to prove that I can excel in another field?”

    Mocha Uson

    While her frequent, repeated mention of “DDS” (Diehard Duterte Supporters) sounded too much of pandering, Mocha echoed her personal desire for change consistent with the goals of the current leadership.

    Alongside her change-driven shared vision is Mocha’s stern promise to channel her wages as MTRCB board member to the Duterte’s Kitchen (located near Farmer’s Plaza along Edsa).

    “It has adopted the principle as that of Soup (an eatery in Hong Kong) where people, even passersby, are fed breakfast, lunch and dinner for free. Duterte’s Kitchen is able to survive through generous donations, whether food or money. And I intend to give my humble share,” Mocha divulged.

    Now with her hands full, how does Mocha manage to squeeze her private life? “Are you asking about my love life? My mom, who’s a breast cancer survivor, is my love life. All the more that she needs me now,” she mused.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Well-meaning friends have been advising this single parent-actress (SPA) to sell her house at a slightly cheaper price so that she can pay up a single debt, one of which amounts to a hefty P8 million.

    Vignettes bumped into the SPA’s loan source (LS) who complained, “Almost P30,000 na nga lang ang napagkasunduan naming hulog niya buwan-buwan, hindi pa niya mabayaran. That’s why I told her to lower the price of her property.”

    Why the LS had granted the SPA a million-peso loan is because—you guessed it right—they had a fleeting romantic past. The SPA is infamous in showbiz circles for having had a string of affairs with men, including at least two local politicians.

    * * *

    HERE’S ANOTHER ONE. An A-list actress (AA) fears that she might lose her post in an industry-related government agency with the entry of a new colleague.

    The AA has been serving the office for many years now, showing neither tinge of bias nor preferential consideration in favor of TV and film projects in which she’s involved herself. As it has always been the case, she would inhibit herself from performing the principal tasks, which the agency is mandated to do.

    Sensing an impending, drastic shake-up in the organization, the AA suspects that the reason for her termination—in all likelihood—is not about the discharge of her official duties but rather her “spiritual beliefs.”

    How sad, if it were true.


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