Mocha Uson gets dignified silence reply



Controversial sexy performer Mocha Uson—when asked about her contribution as the ambassadress of Metro Manila Film Festival 2016—proudly told the members of the press, “Mag-iingay ako (I would create noise).”

But was it exactly what MMDA Chair Tim Orbos wanted of his appointee, someone who shares the current administration’s vision of radical change, yes, but is just noisy like a hollow tin can tied to a speeding trike’s sidecar and dragged on humps and bumps down the road, a familiar sight last New Year’s Eve?

For all the din and cacophony, Mocha’s appointment obviously didn’t sit well most specially with the media men who—at a conference—chose to ingeniously and nonchalantly ignore her presence by God-knew-what-they-kept-themselves-busy-with.

Like a whimpering child who’d always vent her angst on social media, Mocha once again has resorted to this platform, this time tongue-lashing the news and public affairs department of TV5. She collectively labeled the news force bugok (rotten) for choosing only to air the netizens’ negative comments about her MMDA appointment.

For its part, Vignettes had sounded off its interest to get TV News5’s side. Although we missed former Manila Chronicle colleague Patrick Paez, Head of Operations, who was out for lunch the day we swooped down on his office, his secretary—who had told her boss about our purpose—relayed that the news department wouldn’t issue any statement (official or otherwise) pertaining to Mocha’s comment.

Vignettes also got the same impression from Ms. Luchi Cruz-Valdez, News5’s Chief, simply for her no-reply to our text message (after all, who’d want to be disturbed during her vacation with her balikbayan kin, her birthday notwithstanding?).

Yet it was Ms. Valdes’s incredulous right hand and admin officer Cristina Stohner Tan who confessed to being Mocha’s nanay-nanayan she (Tan) even arranged the former’s guesting on Reaksyon (hosted by Valdes) weeks before this whole brouhaha.

Indeed, dignified silence is always the best reply.

* * *

GUESS WHO? Cheers to 2017 as Vignettes welcomes the New Year with these intriguing BI twins.

Over a casual chitchat, a veteran colleague—who also dabbles in artist management—swore that these two showbiz moms whose son and daughter, respectively, were an erstwhile screen tandem are—brace yourselves—“Madam and Eve.”

Revealed our source, the girl-to-girl (G2G) relationship all began when these showbiz moms studied in the same coed school somewhere in Manila, “Since then, they’ve never broken up even if both had ended up with their respective (male) spouses and raised their kids who’d later join showbiz.”

Wonder if their showbiz kids are aware of their respective moms’ time-tested, one-for-the-books romance. Step aside, Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino, Charice Pempengco and Alyssa Quijano!

* * *

Still another colleague has proven that this male TV personality-turned-government official (TVP) is tightwad, himself having been a victim of the latter’s frugal character.

A couple of days before his writers’ group held its traditional Christmas get-together, he contacted the TVP for a possible raffle prize which he could donate, whether cash or in kind.

The TVP’s text reply pre-assured his commitment to give his share, he just needed to attend to his official out-of-town functions.

The day of the party came, our colleague made constant, if not frantic follow-ups with the TVP even inviting him to join the writers’ group salo-salo before the raffle time. The latter promised to catch up with the event from Pasig, still on an official assignment (on a supposedly non-working Sunday???).

Despite the TVP’s repeated “Sige, hahabol ako. Best effort!” text messages, the party had come to its close with nary a ghostly sight of him.

Lamented our colleague, “Was I asking too much in exchange for all the help I’ve given him even before he got appointed to a government post? Why make promises he couldn’t keep?”

Which is more like it: Promiser or miser?


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