• ‘Mocha Usoned’



    How someone looked down upon as a diva of soft-porn in cyberspace has created so much disturbance, to a point that bleeding heart human rights activists and lovers of freedom of expression, could be so disoriented that they ended up miserably contradicting themselves?

    How the high and mighty experts in academe, with pedigrees from world-renowned Universities both here and abroad, wearing suits and speaking in twangs, could be so threatened that they ended up clutching on their advanced degrees as symbolic lifelines to a losing battle with one without a formal training in their fields of expertise?

    How the seasoned journalists of Rappler and Inquirer, trained in CNN, schooled in esteemed journalism schools, all veterans in news gathering and reporting, could be blindsided by one whose only credential in media is giving advice on how to French kiss, and how to prolong orgasm?

    I call this phenomenon as “Mocha Usoned.”

    And now, some from the class of the pedigreed scholars and the human rights activists, lovers of knowledge and freedom of speech, have banded with the self-righteous moralists to demand that the diva, the sex-kitten, the usurper of academic discipline, the high priestess of trolls and fake news sites, Mocha Uson to her millions of fans, be gagged.

    And media stands in horror, watching and wondering how on earth this Mocha character could have jeopardized the very foundation of their freedom to write and publish, even as they share the guilt for being part of the crowd that demonized and delegitimized her.

    In a moment of disgust, half-due to the shock that they felt for being routed by one with lesser academic credentials, half-due to the shame that they felt for falling in the hands of an amateur sex blogger, these scholars and activists, mostly anti-Duterte in their politics, decided to fight back. They are now circulating a petition for Facebook to take down Mocha’s FB blog site and its over 4 million likes.

    Mocha Uson is being targeted for destruction for allegedly being a purveyor of half-truths, for allowing her blogsite to become the nesting ground of fake news, and to some for exposing her cleavage in social media.

    But the real story goes beyond this.

    Mocha Uson is being targeted by the decent and the learned for the simple reason that she exposed their hypocrisy and destabilized their sources of power.

    Mocha Uson is powerful not because of her intelligence. She is powerful because she renders intelligence useless.

    She is powerful not because she produces facts. She is powerful because she renders facts irrelevant.

    She has become powerful by reinventing her sexuality.

    The pedigreed scholars, the renowned journalists, and the self-righteous moralists suddenly found their comfort zones assaulted.

    Mocha challenged the foundation of scholarship, by asserting that academic knowledge is not necessary for one to become influential and be followed by millions of people.

    She diminished the foundation of media by becoming a living example that one does not have to be schooled in journalism to be read by millions of followers.

    She undermined the moral foundation of self-righteousness by projecting a kind of sexual agency post-feminism that turned her cleavage into a source of power, then reinventing it and ended up exposing political hypocrisy. She embraced her physicality and transformed the slut-shaming she got into a capital to put to shame the hypocrites that demeaned her as merely an objectified sex kitten, yet are defenders of one looking so decent but plays around with married drivers and bodyguards.

    Mocha Uson destabilized, challenged, unmasked. She forced the contradictions of the conflicted, hypocritical social elites to unravel. And nothing could be more compelling to watch than to see human rights advocates be so diminished when those who staunchly defended the right to life of drug criminals did not think twice to sign a petition that would deny Mocha her right to speak and write.

    Her detractors could have just blocked her. But she has millions of followers to spare.

    For the elite, Mocha Uson is a danger who needs to be neutralized. For the self-appointed gatekeepers of acceptable speech, Mocha deserves to be silenced for daring to encroach on their monopoly over political virtue, history and truth.

    And the arrogance of self-entitlement is just so deep-seated for this class that they are also taking down others like Sass Rogando Sasot, who has been suspended from Facebook on several occasions, and like Thinking Pinoy and I who have been constantly subjected to trolling and cyber-bullying.

    But it is Mocha Uson’s gag petition that has brought everything into a clearer picture of how disoriented and desperate this defeated noisy crowd has become that they are willing to compromise a fundamental right. They speak of democracy and deploy #neveragain hashtags, yet are now using the same weapons the dictatorship deployed.

    They are in panic just because of one Mocha Uson.

    “Mocha Usoned.” Remember this, for it may become a term that is synonymous with hubris and hypocrisy soundly defeated by an amateur.



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    1. BIAS MEDIA – UTAK TALANGKA. We all know that bias media are owned by privilege elite. And guess what, who will lead senate investigation on trolls in the internet none other than Senator Bam Aquino. And why am I not surprise. Bam Aquino is the epiphany of the privilege few in this unlucky country of ours who is he and what is the reason behind him being voted as senator besides having a president as a relative. We are a country who elect officials out of breed preferences what else can we expect from this country of ours who is enslave for almost 400 years. We are tend and drawn to elect public officials that are bound to continually enslave us and strengthen the corrupt system in our government making sure that we the people will be continually enslave and them the elect to continually rule over us generation to generation. Notice what, they are calling us trolls (please skip at 7:08 on video below). Before they call us Indios, hampas lupa, walang-pinag aralan, patay gutom and now trolls. We are a country that elects by the likes of Honasan and Trillanes who has no credentials but being sangano. We live in a country where mutiny is rewarded rather than being subjected to firing squad. What can I say this is the country where criminals are cuddled no wonder Chinese drug Lords want to be here; in China they will not have the same luxurious accommodation. In China they will be rewarded by bullets, in the Philippines they can have all the ‘pussy’ they want. The mayors, governors and brgy. captains we elect if not heartless criminals are gambling lords, warlords, druglords, killers, murderers, rapist and thieves.
      In other countries its not surprising when public official that love their country is elected and that’s what progressive countries always does hence they are progressive. But in the Philippines it’s very seldom that President like Duterte who truly loves his country will actually win. We the people love it that’s why we express our thankfulness to God above by being devoted supporter of our loving president. But to this ‘kontrabidas’ now has a new name for us “trolls”. There is reason behind, masters would always like to call their slaves names and this privilege who think themselves as our master has a new name for us ‘trolls’. And they make sure that they would name us in such undignified manner for us to know our place meaning we are slave and they are our masters. That’s why they would never accept Mocha Uson Blog to beat them on online traffic. The funny thing is they are acting as assholes and they are not aware of it I guess its one of those things that comes naturally to them.

    2. the “ordinary” who shame the high and mighty elite detractors who continuously intimidated our present government and likewise, our President Rodrigo R Duterte.. the Good will always prevail from those evildoers..our president was God’s send and destined to lead us Filipinos.. we should show courage, faith and trust to our government.. and pray for our President Rodrigo R Duterte’s safety..

    3. Ernesto Dela Cruz on

      How could a neophyte, struggling writer shame seasoned and western educated journalists that easy? And how could Mocha Uson have that much following that she became the envy of these biased media?

      Contrary to what many had already said and written, Mocha simply writes the truth – or what she believes is true and fair. What’s wrong with that? We live in a democracy. Isn’t truth supposed to be the mantra of all self-respecting writers?

      If Ressa, Daily Inquirer, et. al. couldn’t accept the fact that Mocha is smarter than their lot, then that’s the highest form of hypocrisy one could demonstrate and eschew.

      To top it all, Mocha is beautiful and sexy. And Digong reads her blogs.

      Go, Mocha. Let them die in frustration and self-disgust!

    4. Vox Populi, Vox Dei – that used to be the battlecry of those who kicked out the Marcos and Estrada administrations, to justify their “people power.”

      Now, they are not invoking the phrase, no more, because the people power is in MOCHA USON’s side. They’re telling us this should be about institutionalized journalism, i.e. centralized brainwashing, not Vox Populi any more.

      Well, just stay in your bubble, but we are moving forward.

    5. Go Go Go Mocha, more power, blog pa more, don’t mind the elite moralists kono. Go ahead, be brave to fight back these demons. Let’s move forward – never backward. Stop human rights imperialism!

    6. Diyos ko, ninamnam ko ito ng todo. Ang sarap ng paglampaso ni Sir sa mga hypocrites at decent intellectuals kuno hahahaha. Love it. Namocha Usoned talaga sila!

    7. Very well said sir,thanks to you and congratulations for going the right side… It’s a high time for these predtitutes and high class sluts to give the dose of their own medicine..

      We’re very much in support of the present government and it’s other supporters like mocha uson herself…
      We’re going to defend them no matter what…

    8. I even more love the writer, he can distinguish and explained clearly the real scenario between the hypocrites and real. Keep writing Mr. Contreras, i am always excited to read your column.

    9. The good professor was so obsessed on objectifying Mocha as the anti-thesis of the elitist holier than thou crowd he forgot to mention the relationship between her and the 4 million follower is actually based on the thirst for real info that she was and is able to provide for since the campaign til now. He actually debased her.

    10. “She is powerful not because she produces facts. She is powerful because she renders facts irrelevant.”

      “And the arrogance of self-entitlement is just so deep-seated for this class that they are also taking down others like Sass Rogando Sasot, who has been suspended from Facebook on several occasions, and like Thinking Pinoy and I who have been constantly subjected to trolling and cyber-bullying.”

      >> I say, from a quote: Truism that cuts to the heart often masquerades as viciousness.

    11. Go Mocha! I find your blog contents more interesting and reliable. The self-righteous elite journalists are in denial and quandary; their yellow blinders have made them increasingly irrelevant and their out-of-touch stance, delusions of grandeur and hypocrisy have continually and effectively disconnected and alienated them even more from the genuine pulse of the Filipino masses- total strangers in their own native land. Thanks Mr. Contreras for your support to Mocha!

    12. Well said, it was coming to them,a real shock and awe! They forgot the first rule in journalism to be credible: Stay neutral. That goes for most of the source of news we have nowadays, on print and TV, they have lost credibility. My daily newspaper remains unread for months now, I am thinking of switching, browsing through the banner headlines they offer us, looks the same mindset. It shows how much they do not know how to think critically and do their craft strategically: Birds of the same feather, flock together,

    13. Time it took for the anti-Mocha petition to reach 30K = 3 days.
      It took just 3 hours for Mocha’s taped lips pic to garner more than 33K likes.
      Facebook like any social media entity leans towards numbers. I’m betting it will retain Mocha’s FB account.

    14. Romeo Belocura on

      The self righteous defenders of rights “activists” are indeed desperate. So hypocritical in their attempt to silence Mocha and infringe on her fundamental right. These “decent” people just can’t accept that not everyone agrees with their “educated” opinions and they therefore do not deserve respect. SHAME!

    15. Antonio Contreras thank you! Bravo! Congratulations for said piece! Don’t the DILAWANs & RAPPLER know that there is mass and energy in quantum mechanics like Mocha Uson. She’s just certain of uncertainty! Heisenberg.

    16. My God if this article isn’t a PUFF piece, it needs to be redefined. Mocha Uson should never be referred to as a serious news source. Its laughable that so many people look to her as such. Sorry, its actually sad, but that’s the state of intellectual power this country faces. That being said, let her blog… Its her right as of now, that’s until Comrade Duterte declares Martial law.

      • We don’t laugh bec what she writes are not funny. To U Peter does it sound funny. Peter ka nga who denied Jesus 3x

      • Who said Mocha Uson is a serious news source? Her blog is more like a platform of disgruntled Filipinos posting their grievances and making their voices heard. The people who had had enough of the half-truths, propaganda, dis- & misinformation of the supposed to be unbias & responsible mass media. Intellectual power is a sorry tool of the so-called academes, the RIGHT in their view doesn’t mean view of the “lower intellects” are WRONG. One just have to see life from the point of the other side.

      • When Comrade Duterte declares Martial Law, Mocha Uson’s blog will become *mandatory* reading for yellowtards.

      • Suck it in and live with it. You have no right to say what is serious or not. Intellectual snobbery of the worst kind has reared its UGLY HEAD in this Mocah Uson issue.

    17. It seems to me that Mocha’s elite detractors are displaying behaviours that can only be expected from low lives. Where is decency in them?

    18. Cabello Dolores Gemal on

      Ha ha ha that’s a slap to the bias media, very well said sir, thanks for being in the side of truth which we deserved as an ordinary citizens. Mocha more power and God bless you and keep you safe and wisdom always.

    19. Hahaha! Very true Prof. Sock it to them. Go on Mocha! Don’t let them intimidate you. We are all behind you in this battle!