• Moderate Muslims condemn ASG for beheading hostages


    COTABATO CITY: Moderate Muslims slammed as barbaric the action of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) beheading the two Vietnamese sailors they held hostage in Basilan for at least six months.

    Lawyer Ishak Mastura, chairman and managing head of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Regional Board of Investment (RBOI), told The Manila Times they strongly condemn the decapitation of the hostages, calling the ASG as enemy of the Islamic faith.

    He, however, assured that the heinous act can no longer affect the economic progress of Basilan since the terrorist group is now isolated from their supposed mass base in the province.

    The beheaded hostages, identified as Hoang Thong and Hoang Va Hai, were among the six crew of a Vietnamese cargo vessel MV Royal 16 who were kidnapped by the ASG bandits in November 2016.

    Similarly, Datu Yusoph Boyog Mama, the traditional royal ruler of Marawi, said “the unfortunate treatment of the Vietnamese hostages in the hands of the Abu Sayyaf only further betrays their true nature as the enemy of Islamic faith characterized by truly respecting the proper treatment of other human beings, even including prisoners, and a humane Filipino society that values the life of your fellowmen.”

    Undersecretary Datu Ali Sangki, former executive director of the Office on Muslim Affairs, said “the beheading by the Abu Sayyaf Group would further alienate the Muslims with this hostile image and antagonistic acts of these extremist criminals making Islam as their camouflage.”

    One Bangsamoro Movement (1Bangsa) president Alan Balangi-Amer said, “1Bangsa is strongly condemning the act of ASG and we are sure this will be condemned also by majority of the Muslims in the country, especially the peace-loving and moderate Muslims as well as all Muslims throughout the world.”


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