• Mommies to man Manila traffic


    THE city government of Manila will soon deploy mommies to man traffic and assist students in 72 public elementary schools.

    Mayor Joseph Estrada has formed a special unit of women traffic enforcers to help children get to school safely.

    “Our children, the future of our nation, are exposed to road hazards and risks while they go to and from their schools so we thought of tapping the mothers to assist them,” he said.

    The mayor said he received reports that 96 school children become victims of road accidents every day.

    “We can now feel secured knowing that there are mommies out there taking care of the safety our school children, their own children,” Estrada said.

    “With their motherly love, we are sure they will do their duties with all their heart,” he added.

    Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) head Dennis Alcoreza said an initial batch of 144 “mommy traffic enforcers” will be trained as auxiliary traffic aides. At least two women enforcers will be deployed in each of the 72 public elementary schools in the city.

    “They will undergo basic traffic management and road safety training, focusing on protecting the school children from any possible road accidents,” he said.

    He added that the women will be deployed to the school where their children are enrolled.

    A student was recently hit by a speeding car along Legarda Street.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 186,000 children below 18 years old are killed in road crashes every day.

    In the Philippines, 96 children die every day due to road accidents, making it the second most common type of accident for children aged 5-12, according to WHO.


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