Moms and kitchen queens who still rock in jeans


    Who says that moms can’t rock sexy jeans? Definitely not China Cojuanco Gonzales and Jackie Laudico, two popular working moms in the culinary scene who gamely posed for a fashion shoot with classic denim brand Levi’s. Their goal: to demonstrate why women like them, who thrive both in the home and their careers, can never do without a pair of this forever fashion staple.

    Laudico pairs her jeans with sexy stilettos at work, which she can easily change to comfy footwear for mom mode

    Put simply, the pair considers jeans to be an empowering piece of clothing that allows them to perform their daily tasks, while feeling good about themselves and how they look.

    Cojuangco-Gonzales to begin with admits that her life changed when she embraced motherhood, and with it came to value comfort and flexibility when it comes to clothing.

    The youngest among the ever-fashionable daughters of prominent couple Peping and Tingting Cojuanco, the culinary arts graduate—who now helps her husband Chef Gino Gonzales run the Center for Culinary Arts Studies—had been a best dressed staple in her younger years.

    These days, she says of her style, “To be honest, I’ve gained a lot of weight since I became a mother and worked as a chef, which doesn’t help at all. I like to wear something that keeps me comfortable and helps me move freely, without being too conscious about my size at the moment.”

    Doting mom to three-year-old Lucia, she advises mothers like herself to go for jeans with body shaping technologies like Levi’s 311 Skinny.

    “This pair makes me look thin, lengthens my legs, hides my tummy, and lifts my butt. I can cook with it, and I can kneel when I play with Lucia, and basically do any movement that I want while still feeling comfortable and beautiful,” she raves.

    Laudico, the work and life partner of celebrity chef Roland Laudico, is a mother of two with a demanding job of seeing to their multiple restaurants.

    As a chef, a mom and a wife, Cojuangco-Gonzales always depends on denims to gives her both style and comfort

    Shuffling between home and kitchens just like Cojuangco, Laoudico explains that the times have made fashion more relevant for people in her industry.

    “At present, there’s what you call celebrity chefs, so people want to meet the personalities behind the food. This makes us more aware of the need to be well dressed and well-presented all the time,” she relates. “Then of course, you’re also a homemaker at the same time, and jeans get me comfortably getting back to my kids.”

    Laudico goes for jeans that are topnotch “not just in fit but also in technological innovations, fabrics and finishes.”

    During her pictorial, she sweetly recalled her “Levi’s story,” revealing that her first pair of the brand belonged to her husband. “They were his high school jeans! Of course, because it was a Levi’s 501, he had kept it all tose years. One day, he gave it to me and I loved it so much. It was basically my boyfriend jeans way before there were actually boyfriend jeans. That was my favorite pair of jeans. It was so sturdy—it lasted for 15 years.”

    These days, Laudico goes for form-fitting jeans which she can roll up to her ankles and pair up with sexy stilettos for work, and more comfy shoes for mom mode.



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