Money Pacman, the one-arm bandit?


IF, with one arm, the Multi-Tasking Cong Manny Pacquiao, PBA playing coach, TV host, preacher, concert singer, commercial endorser, poll overspender, etc., unfocused, had defeated the focused Floyd – the Iglesia ni Pacquiao High Priest may have overshadowed by now Brothers Erdie, Eddie, Mike and Ely, maybe even the Pope himself, in a nation desperate for heroes.

Kawawa naman si focused Two-Arm Floyd.

And if Manny had won, spiritual gurus Jeric Soriano and Pastor Quiboloy would not have come out as mga bulaang propeta, as they seemingly have. Remember Manny himself told TV host Katie Kouric that the Lord would deliver Floyd to him. Talk of taking the Lord’s name in vain. Presumptuous, in my view. One arm beat two arms, Manny insists.
So, the Senate in 2016. The whole enchilada in 2022. But, Manny should retire and prepare now, to serve the public, and not for a rematch, to serve himself, as well as charming bullshitters like Harvard Law cum laude Bob Arum (who said in November 2013 Manny’s US Internal Revenue Service papers were in transit; they apparently haven’t arrived so Manny tops our Tax Evaders list to the tune of P3.9B; boxing fans, tax evaders and dynasts comprise a solid voting bloc; fellow Mindanaoanon Sen. Koko Pimentel wants Manny exempted from taxation for the undoubted good he has done the nation; but our current laws mandate the public officials lead “modest lives”). And the “poverty incidence in Sarangani has become worse, from 40.7% in 2009 to 46.5% in 2012,” during Manny’s watch. (Manila Bulletin, May 13, 2015, p. B-2, col. 4). He is doing very well for himself, if not for Sarangani.

Who would watch two ageing fighters a year from now? Jurassic relics with convenient hidden injuries in case of loss. Alibi Manny disappoints.

What did we expect in a fight between a focused full-time boxer (tutok) and a multi-tasking part-time one (sabog o kalat)?

What Bulgarian Serafim Todorov in the 1996 Olympics did to Floyd, and what Mindanaoanon Fighting Darlene in the 2007 polls (when Manny blew P120M, and she, even more, in violation of our election laws, if true), and Kano Floyd, just did to him, should make Manny come down to earth – his feet may still be firmly planted in midair – and accept his limitations.

No one wants him to be a stuttering, stammering, doddering Muhammad Ali. Hard blows in the head can be like a horse’s kicks.

Pacman wagered – and lost.

The lawyer in me would have to wonder what would happen in the various lawsuits against Manny and alleged partners in crime, as it were, in an arguable case of Syndicated Estafa, affecting ticket and pay-per-view sales and betting odds.

Mindanaoanon Manny should study the BangsaMoro Basic Law bill now, and vote next week, as well as Scarborough, Sabah, the next budget, K-12, and other issues. I do not underrate anyone’s capacity for growth and change.

Manny, God bless. And God bless Saranggani and the Motherland.

American football pro quarterback Tim Tebow, the son of Baptist missionaries, born on August 14, 1987, in Makati, has just had a hospital in Davao inaugurated, low-key. One of my DIs (Dancexercise Instructors) is a Baptist convert, from Catholicism, and has the zeal of one. I keep getting God-Bless and biblical texts from her. Anyway, highly-regarded Manila Bulletin columnist Nene Guevara says that “[t]he provincial hospital that the Champ promised to build remains to be completed.” Please see above, on the slide of Saranggani, after he won.

Meantime, we see Raul Castro, now virtually Numero Uno in Cuba, telling Pope Francis he may return to the Most Numerous Church. Raul had a Jesuit background. And had many siblings but not as many as St. Ignatius did, who was the youngest of thirteen. Had there been a dozen-child policy, today, no Ateneo, which gave us Erap and PNoy as Presidents.

Manny Pacquiao has been touted to join their ranks some day, say in 2022. He has finally read the Constitution and seen the age requirement. Previously, I would ask “President of what country naman kaya?” – as he was and is underaged for ours but announced his dream as if 2016 was his target.

So it may not be too soon to ask him about K-12, which has nothing to do with knocking out a dozen opponents.

I am a K-9 product. Five years in Makati Elem, accelerated, accepted and enrolled when, without a birth certificate, I was able to reach my opposite ear with my hand. Then four years in Rizal High, when Ateneo, La Salle and San Beda could not claim superiority over Rizal, Mapa, Araullo, Arellano, Torres, etc. High Schools, let alone those in provinces, e.g., Negros Occidental.

We had teachers who affected eternity, per Henry Brooks Adams. Many good teachers now may be abroad, in a more complex, expensive world. Those left behind may be good likewise but not of the caliber of our Ms. Flora Cenidoza in Makati and Ms. Maria Pineda in Rizal Hi.

Given the seeming lack of money and infrastructure and teachers, not even K-20 can save us, I fear, which may be debatable, from where this K-9 sits. What dimension can Senator or Prez Manny, multi-tasker, add to the cross-fertilization of ideas in this polycentric issue?

On the reported anti-competition or trust measure just approved by the House, he needs to study conscious parallelism, price leadership, resale price maintenance, etc.

These questions are submitted not to be unfair to ask any Senate and Presidential wannabe. No need to throw anyone under the bus this early, figuratively, and if you have boxing fans, dynasts and tax evaders backing you, you are a player not to be ignored in the Game of Thrones.


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  1. Diehard Batang on

    As a fellow bedan, I have been one of your ardent follower and truly found humour in your satirical brilliance. I consistently followed your career every step of the way, and most specially during the Cory’s era. I once met you personally in a dance club during one of my trips to Manila. As a pro-poor like your Tito Jovy who is also a champion of moral uprightness, it really bothers me, how you can align yourself with plunderers and corrupt people like Estrada and Binay. I will never judge you but I just wonder if there is really a good reason for this.

  2. victor m. hernandez on

    It’s all about money,and delusion to win and become president, that’s Pacquiao. It’s better for him to heed P-Noy’s advice: retire, enjoy your wealth, and family. Now, when you have a plausible alibi: your broken shoulder.

  3. Alfred Ortiz on

    We Filipinos should be thankful to our real heroes,who gave and sacrifice their lives to help and protect our country.I appreciate and clapped my hands to Manny Pacquiao, but calling him a hero is not my thing.You can vote for him that’s one important part of a working democracy but we better think twice and consider the future of our children and country.

  4. Dennis, its not how much you earn, but how much is sent and spent within the country that matters. You think Manny Paquiao, will spend all his earnings here in the Philippines and in just a year? That 160M from OFW are remitted and spent here in Philippines in a year, that is what counts in economics.

    Even if Manny has earn 200M how much then will be spent in the Philippines and in what range of period? Even if a filipino earns millions if he is not spending all those millions here only that which was spent here that counts.

    And for you to say that ‘in Philippine politics one need not be brilliant” that answers the question as to the current situation of our country, from being second only to Japan to being in the bottom now.

  5. The good news is that a large part of Manny Pacquiao’s windfall (now estimated at $160 million, if not diminished by the lawsuits) will likely be spent in the 2016 elections and therefore flow into the Philippine economy. The bad news is that (and I am not familiar with Mr SAguisag’s political affiliation) it may get Jejomar Binay elected.

  6. Manny has made phl famous and the #1 beneficiaries are the ofws. Hes the true sagisag ng pilipinas not r saguisag.

  7. Like Mr. Saguisag, I wonder if the fraud cases against Pacquiao and company will prosper. Sports betting is legal in Las Vegas, but how much protections do bettors have? Arum, Roach and company are probably not legally required to disclose Pacquiao’s shoulder injury, but if they feed the public false information, like saying that Pacquiao was in the best shape of his life right before fight night, and predicting a dominant victory, even a knockout, isn’t that a clear case of fraud?

    And if, as Rodel Rodis reported in an Inquirer column, some people close to Pacquiao learned of the injury and changed their bets six hours before the fight, that will be even worse.

  8. Jorospe Marcelo on

    Like it or not, Manny lied to us all or to the whole world everyday by telling us all that his good to go and 100% in good condition and very much ready to face Floyd. When Manny lost to Floyd his alibi is that he has a problem or injury w/ his right shoulder rotator cap. Now, explain that? Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw, diba? As a preacher as he say he is, he should practice what he preach. Just saying

  9. Manny is one of the greatest fighter in our time with 8 divisions in his belt. I respect him in boxing and his hard earned money from rags to riches. but as a politician NO, as a preacher in religion NO.. he still not able to fully pay his income tax in the Philippines. and he is into cockfighting which is considered a sin in our religion, and against the law. is this what you call a role model? what about his educational background. I don’t think he went to college. voting him to higher office will be a disaster for the country and makes us look more stupid if he wins the election for senator. In fairness to him, his performance as a congressman should determine if he is fit for higher office, he should first fix and pay his taxes to the BIR, stop engaging in cockfighting. and if he performs poorly as congressman then he will only bring this country further down the drain. nothing can be blamed but us who will vote for him.

    • di na sya involved sa sabong and casino simula ng maging born again sya. yung credit line and special vip room niya sa resorts world nabenta na din nya.

  10. This should serve as an eye opener, especially to those who indulge themselves in a practice of idolatry, actually most of these people who place so much importance on popular figures or celebrities, are lacking one thing in themselves – self-esteem.

    There is definitely nothing wrong with enjoying the sight of winning, because no one loves a loser, but it must be put into its proper context that the winning is not a guarantee of earning complete success. Nor, does it make an individual successful in other fields of endeavor, the ‘Jack-of-all trades’ is a myth, just like a person who performs multi-tasking can make mistakes, because an individual, no matter how smart will need to have to focus on a particular aspect to get it right.

  11. jesus nazario on

    You are ONE saving grace to many Bedans whom I unfortunately know. One of them a recent retiree from a very powerful government office.

  12. jesus nazario on

    Hail to the Chief (Filipino satirist ever !) ! More power to you Rene ! Saguisag ka ng unexpected, mind stimulating cum funny-bones tickling takes on common issues of the day.

  13. Let Manny be Manny. Some Filipinos are just having an itch attack with Manny’s own success. Manny become a self-made Billionaire not through gov’t position or any political favors but sheer grit and determination. Mr Saguisag is like one of those pinoy crabs who only likes to brag themselves on the internet( I’m proud to be a pinoy! , pinoy pride!) when Manny wins but only gives him their wrath when he losses.

    • Sorry Sal but Ka Rene do not watch boxing, he considered it as modified act of murder. SO he would not be praising Paquiao whether win or lose.

      But if you read the article, Ka Rene does not want Paquiao to be dragged to the mad like the old days. Paquiao deserve respect on how he rose to success. But what Ka Rene is saying is that Paquiao should know his limitation. Popularity does not guarantee performance. Being a Legislative work is all different from boxing. And preaching is likewise another thing…

    • Ronaldo Valdes on

      I like manny as a boxer , As a politician forget it…he will be used because of his ignorance.

  14. Alfred Ortiz on

    I totally agree with you. Our loving kababayans are in dire need of a hero. Many of them swallow the line the hook and the sinker down their throat, they forgot that the real heroes are the millions of OFW kababayans toiling abroad.They are the real heroes and without them our struggling economy won’t be able to survive. Long live Mr.Rene Saguisag!

    • How many OFW do you think that is needed to make 160M US dollars? Most Filipino OFW’s are low skilled who barely make enough money to support a family in the Philippines. If you are talking OFW’s that are remitting money to the Philippines as hero then manny is a million times should be praise as hero of the Philippines because of the money that he makes outside the Philippines. Inspite of what our former senator Rene Saguisag say negatively about idol manny pacquiao, we will support him for senator in 2016 for senator and for president in 2022. In Philippine politics you do not need to be brilliant.

    • Ronaldo Valdes on

      Dennis , you are one of the majority who vote for people who are incapable of governing the country because they are popular, please don’t get upset and blame our goverment if it is dysfuncional, because of your vote.